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Lee Howard Creates The Things Of Nightmares With His Art

Friday, February 16, 2018 | News

Canada resident LEE HOWARD is an artist and self-described monster-maker, who uses his paint brushes to venerate those things that instill fear. “I love horror and horror-themed art,” he says. “Portrait painting is my favourite. People’s faces are the most interesting thing in the world for me to paint”.

When not painting, Lee devotes his time to other kinds of nightmares, notably his line of horror-art-toys called “QUIET ROOM BEARS”. These furry frightening fuzzballs have gained quite a cult following, even acquiring their own Facebook fan page.

For Valentine’s Day, Lee created a few new horror/Simpsons mash-up paintings. First up is the “MY BLOODY VALENTINE MINER”, a 12X16 inch poster that melds The Simpson’s Valentine’s Day episode where Ralph Wiggum gets the ‘I Choo Choo Choose You’ card from Lisa Simpson, with George Mihalka’s cult horror classic. This piece sells for $25 (CDN) and ships in a sturdy poster tube.

Lee also mashed-up CANDYMAN in his “Let’s BEE Friends” Valentine’s Day card that Lisa Simpson gave to Ralph Wiggum. This original 14X18 inch acrylic painting is done on a gallery style canvas and shows off a spitting image of TONY TODD in costume.

Grab this amazing original horror painting for $300 (CDN). 

Check out all the other amazing horror offerings that Lee offers on his ETSY page.


Chris Hammond
The Curator of the Creepy collectibles. I've been an avid horror fan for over 3 decades. Meeting and writing about some of the finest artists from all over the world is a pure joy. I've written for multiple websites on the art and collectible front. The horror bug that lives inside me is well cared for and has been going strong since I watched my first introduction to horror through a grainy VHS copy of John Carpenter's 1978 classic film Halloween.