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Killers, vampires, monsters, oh my, listen to RUE MORGUE on Spotify!

Friday, June 4, 2021 | Music

Pandemic got you down? Feeling like you’ve lost sight of the night? Don’t fret, now every occasion can be a Halloween party with Rue Morgue’s horror music playlists on Spotify!

Featuring music to haunt your soul from Rue Morgue Radio and Rue Morgue TV, Rue Morgue’s Hymns From the House of Horror releases, They Came From Rue Morgue Synth Horror compilation and themed playlists for Monsters, Vampyres, Ghosts, Killer Hits and lots more!

Trick or treat yourself all year round to a homicidal selection original horror music playlists, curated by your favourite horror magazine!

Search “Rue Morgue Magazine” on Spotify to browse the complete selection of playlists!

Rue Morgue Manor
The Rue Morgue Manor is the Toronto headquarters of Rue Morgue magazine and its brand offshoots.