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Kane Hodder’s “UNMASKED” returning in massively expanded collector’s edition “KILL!”

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 | Books, News


Publisher Dark Ink is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the killer biography in a big way.

Dark Ink founder Michael Aloisi has announced that UNMASKED, in which he and Kane Hodder recount the actor/stuntman/Jason performer’s dramatic life story and career, will be repackaged with THE KILLER & I, which chronicles the duo’s adventures promoting UNMASKED, in one huge volume titled KILL! Currently available for pre-order at Dark Ink’s website and set to ship in late November, this limited edition will contain copious new special features (listed below). This hand-numbered, one-time-only press run will include a foil-stamped cover and custom Hodder signature page.

“UNMASKED took on a life of its own, one I could have never imagined,” Hodder says. “Not a week goes by that a fan doesn’t talk to me about how the book affected them. It is astounding to me and it’s the reason I wanted to put this version out, with the original title, to thank the die-hard fans with something that is made just for them.”

“Kane took a chance on a small publisher,” Aloisi adds, “and it changed the trajectory of our company and the lives of all of us here at Dark Ink. Though none of that would have been possible if it wasn’t for Kane’s fans. That is why we want to thank them by putting their names, stories and pictures in KILL!”

As Aloisi notes, there are fan incentives tied to the book that you can read about at the link above. The bonus material (which may change and expand as work on the book continues) is as follows:

  • Marilyn Newton’s never-before-told story about Kane’s burn
  • New Foreword to UNMASKED from Kane
  • New Chapter: “The Last Ten Years”
  • New Chapter: “The Impact of UNMASKED”
  • New Section: “The Killer & You – Letters from Fans”
  • Kane’s Personal Handwritten Journal from JASON TAKES MANHATTAN
  • Kane’s Personal Handwritten Journal from JASON X
  • New Essay from Derek Dennis Hebert about the making of TO HELL AND BACK
  • Color insert with over 100 pictures not in UNMASKED
  • Photo section of fans with Kane
  • New Foreword from Michael Aloisi to THE KILLER & I
  • New Chapter: “Ten More Years of the Killer & I”

You can order and pre-order more Hodder material here.

Michael Gingold
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