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Junji Ito’s Frankenstein Comes To Life In Soft Vinyl From Unbox Industries

Tuesday, June 1, 2021 | Collectibles


Unbox Industries keeps the Junji Ito love flowing with two new versions of Frankenstein’s monster. These figures, which both made their debut at Tokyo Comic Con and Designer Con in 2019, are finally available.

Based on the original Eisner-winning, eponymous graphic novel, these figures are created with careful attention to texture and appear to be as unsettling as their illustrated counterparts.



Junji Ito’s Frankenstein


Junji Ito’s Frankenstein “Manga” Edition

Both figures are made with soft vinyl material stand 30 CM tall. Each version ( Junji Ito‘s Frankenstein’s monster and Junji Ito‘s Frankenstein’s monster “Manga” edition) has seven points of articulation. The combination of Soft Vinyl, injection-molded hands, and feet help to bring this undead creature to life. Painted using a watercolor pallet from the Frankenstein cover art, his eyes and unsettling grin give a gleeful/fearful feeling to whoever gazes upon him.

Both versions of Junji Ito’s Frankenstein are available online through Unbox Industries. Each version is $150 USD plus Shipping. Visit the Unbox Industries website for more info. 

Chris Hammond
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