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July Short Horror Releases on Alter

Friday, July 2, 2021 | Short Films

If you’re into short horror, the folks at ALTER have you covered.  Rue Morgue wants to make sure you’re up-to-date on all of the cool stuff they have coming up, so each month we’ll be highlighting their upcoming releases.  Take a look at what they have planned for July 2021:

Ride With the Guilt (July 2)
irector: Dario Bocchini
A woman named Monica wakes up distressed, confused and stained of blood in the backseat of a car, at the driver seat another woman calmly seeks for answers. One crime has been committed, only one of them knows why.

Nightingale (July 6)
Director: Jasper De Bruin
A heavily overworked nurse is being stalked by a mysterious figure during her night shift in the nursing home. Julia is an efficient but enigmatic nurse; even her friendly colleague doesn’t fully understand her weird behaviour. Frustrated by the workload and unaware of her stalker, Julia has a hard time soothing her favourite client, an old woman in critical health. Her stalker closely follows Julia on her busy routine, but she moves swiftly from client to client. When he demolishes the locked storage room in search of a weapon, Julia finally meets him face to face and things quickly take a turn for the extreme.

The Lost Ones (July 8)
Director: Ben Rand
Kim is drifting through her pain, she lost her love and nothing will bring it back. Living in the decrepit ruins of her old life, she keeps her memories and herself locked away in a mess of an apartment, a mausoleum of her past. She has a plan to cure her pain, but in this modern haunted house tale, the darkness has bigger plans for her fate.

Altitude (July 13)
Director: Nicole Scherer
On their way up to a mountain cabin Sarah and Thomas run into a dense mist and seem to go astray in the dangerous altitudes. In search of the cabin they encounter increasingly strange events. Lost in those heights, eventually a life-threatening battle between reality and illusion begins, which ends fatally.

Dead Mall (July 15)
Olivia West Lloyd
After a night of partying, The Girl finds herself on an empty street in Downtown Miami with a strange man who offers to walk her home. He tells her he knows a short cut through the old mall. He coaxes The Girl inside, and then locks her in. Sorry, he says, it has to eat. Inside, she is hunted – maybe herded – by a horned creature through an increasingly confusing and irrational space. While hiding from the beast, she encounters a sinister ball of yarn, a sentient escalator, a half-eaten woman, and a very beautiful cow. When the horned creature abruptly disappears, The Girl is welcomed by a group of women who claim to have slain the best. But her relief is short-lived, and she realizes too late what (or who) these women eat to survive.

Eyes of Eidolon (July 20)
Director: Davi Pena
Plagued with the guilt of feeling responsible for his late wife Amelia’s overdose, Alexander exiles himself into seclusion amongst the confines of a remote lake-house cabin. When an occult messenger delivers a series of forgotten photos and mementos of his past lover, Alex suspects that something otherworldly may be interfering with his life. Soon he is thrusted into a downward spiral of regret and insanity as a specter of Amelia begins to make her presence known. Shrouded with the memories of his former self and overwhelmed with survivors guilt, Alexander must go face to face with the ghost of his past lover in this surreal psychological horror/drama.

Stories of the Subconscious Mind (July 22)
Director: Curt Dennis
Psychiatrist Alice Davenport has the unique ability to enter people’s subconscious minds. When Carter Brooke, a suicidal young man, enters her office, she must go inside his head to fight his inner demon before it kills him.

(July 27)
Director: Dylan Hamilton-Smith
Dudecreeps is the story of one night told from two different perspectives. In the first Janine is attacked by her new creepy boyfriend, Nathan. In the second Nathan attempts to fight off an alien who has changeling powers.

Origin (July 29)
Director: Danny Stack
A frustrated housewife tries to keep her family together when her son falls ill after being bitten by something mysterious in the woods.

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