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John Russo’s “RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD” leads vintage-horror paperback reprints from Savage Harvest; first news/art

Tuesday, January 9, 2024 | Books, News


The original sequel novel, as well as books by Gary Brandner, John Skipp and Craig Spector and others, are set to horrify a new generation of readers.

Fathom Press is launching Savage Harvest, a new imprint devoted to resurrecting long-out-of-print, highly valued horror and thriller novels from the 1970s and 1980s. The first title, coming this spring, will be RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, John Russo’s follow-up (originally published in 1978) to George A. Romero’s classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, which Russo co-scripted.

Savage Harvest, curated by Fathom Press’ creative director Justin Bacolo, will reissue these vintage paperbacks in mass-market editions with new painted covers by artist Stephen Andrade, plus introductions by the authors, creative collaborators and genre experts. “RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, and other books of its era, have been practically denied to two generations of audiences,” says Bacolo. “First they vanished from newsracks and shelves; now they’re unobtainable by fans who can’t afford the exorbitant prices of the secondary market. It’s long past time to get these stories back into the hands of readers, where they’ve always belonged.”

Says Russo, “I’m absolutely thrilled that my original novel, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, is getting a first-class rerelease from Savage Harvest. I’m sure that my legion of fans will be delighted–and this brilliant cover by Stephen Andrade [see it below] says it all!”

RETURN will be followed by Savage Harvest’s quarterly releases of more long-lost fright novels, including Gary Brandner’s THE BRAIN EATERS (1985), John Skipp and Craig Spector’s THE LIGHT AT THE END (1986), Barry Hammond’s COLD FRONT (1982), Shaun Hutson’s CHAINSAW TERROR (1984), Norman Bogner’s SNOWMAN (1978) and Jack Vance’s BAD RONALD (1973). You can keep up with these and other Fathom Press titles at the company’s official website.


Michael Gingold
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