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Interview: Scott Hamm on the Making of “REBROKEN”

Friday, March 10, 2023 | Interviews

By JOSHUA “Prometheus” SCAFIDI 

Recently, we had the opportunity to chat with Scott Hamm about the upcoming film, REBROKEN. The film stars Hamm, along with Tobin Bell (The Saw Franchise), and Kipp Trible – who also wrote the screenplay based on a story from Hamm. The synopsis is brief but concise: “A devastated father receives recordings from a mysterious stranger that allow him to communicate with his recently deceased daughter.”

Scott was a pleasure to speak to, and gave us some fascinating insight into the making of the film.

Hey, Scott! Thanks for the phone call!

Absolutely! Thanks for picking up! (Laughing.)

So, REBROKEN… Let’s talk about the movie! It’s based on a story you came up with, is that correct?

I think I’m (credited as) “story by,” and yes, it was originally my story. I like to take the stories when they’re hot in my head, and I get those little comp books, like from Target, and I’ll write my ideas down. For a short film, or a story. I always seem to come back to the ones that interest me.

So, I wrote the short story, it was probably like, thirty to forty pages, and Kipp (Trible), my partner in crime in this whole film-making thing, I kicked it over to him because he’s more of a pro than I am. I asked him if we could flesh it out and make it a film, and he loved a lot of the aspects of it, he made it into a script, and we came up with REBROKEN.

I know it’s super old-school, but I’m better putting a pen to paper with my thoughts than I am trying to type it in on the phone, or doing a voice memo. Something about it agrees with me and I like it, it doesn’t work for everybody. A couple of my friends call me dinosaur and grandpa.

UNBROKEN stars you, and also Tobin Bell. What was it like working with Tobin?

He’s such a professional in every sense of the word. Showed up on time, and completely knew all the dialogue. Also, a helluva nice guy. He was just great in every sense of the word. I have like, all of the dialogue with him in the movie, and it was pretty amazing. Once he starts going, you’re just like, wow. He was fantastic.

What can you tell us about REBROKEN, without spoiling too much?

It’s one of those one’s that’s a bit tricky to talk about because it’s got a big, secret ending. A twist. It’s the relationship between his father and daughter, and the father is dealing with the grief of losing his daughter – or, so we think. The way that he goes about dealing with it is he likes to isolate himself, he likes to drink, and he likes to think that basically, his life is over too.

He ends up being assigned to mandatory grief counseling. He’s forced to go. He doesn’t think he really needs it. We meet some interesting characters on the way, who all have their own opinions as to how he should handle it, and if his daughter is really gone, or not. Things start to slowly unravel and learn what really happened. That’s where I have to stop. The ending is so fun…

You play the role of Will in the film.

I play Will, yes. It was a personal role for me because I had just had my first child, my daughter, and that’s where I think everything stemmed from. I watch a ton of movies and documentaries, and I’m having trouble watching certain ones now. One’s with weird things with kids, or dads and daughters. So, this film was kind of tough at times because I’m writing about a daughter going missing when I would die if my daughter was away from me for five minutes!

It’s the worst thing in the world for a parent to imagine.

Exactly, and maybe that’s why the idea was in my head. It was really close to me.

Ok, so you came up with the story, then Kipp (Trible) turned it into a screenplay, and then Kenny Yates directed the film. What was it like passing off your baby to somebody else?

It was Kenny Yates’s directorial debut and he did an amazing job. He came up with things I didn’t see and made the film better. Especially because it’s an indie and you don’t have millions of dollars for special effects. Kenny came up with some amazing ideas. He exceeded expectations. In fact, he just did another one that I produced and I had him direct again. Had to give a raise, but yeah… (Laughing.)

He got a raise, so,  I would say it worked out!

It worked out fantastically! Now he’s got the bug. I love it.

Where did you come up with the idea for the story?

The original story was called Antiquity, and it took place in an antique shop. It was still a guy going to a meeting every night and living the same day. It was a little bit more of a horror than a thriller. It was Groundhogs Day, but as a horror, and the antique store helps him break the cycle. That was the original concept. Then it morphed.

What’s next for you, Scott?

We just wrapped the other project I mentioned with Kenny Yates directing. It’s a bit different. I didn’t write it. We brought a new person to the team, Jerry Artukovich, and they wrote this screenplay. It’s a Christmas movie, but it isn’t some Hallmark Christmas movie. It’s a Christmas movie with an edge. It’s called The Xmas Gamble. Its about a degenerate gambler who finds out he can’t lose a bet on Christmas. So, he has to walk the line. Does he take advantage of his new power and break all these promises to the people in his life that he told he would never make another bet? The script is great, and Michael Madsen and Tom Arnold are in it, along with myself. It was a great debut for an actor named Trevor Penick. He was in the boyband O-Town, back in the day. He blew us away at his audition. It comes out around the holidays.

It’s been a pleasure, Scott! We’ll keep our eye out for Xmas Gamble, as well! Thanks for your time!

Thanks, Joshua! It’s been great talking to you!

Be sure to check out REBROKEN, available now to stream!

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