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Interview: Industrial Pop Artist Baby Jane On Her Influences And New Single “If The Devil Looked Like You”

Saturday, March 11, 2023 | Uncategorized


With seven new singles out since 2022, Calabasas native Baby Jane is taking the alternative music world by storm with her self-described industrial pop, which infuses electric pop-rock with occult imagery and dark lyrics that explore feelings of devotion, desperation, and self-destruction. Most recently, Baby Jane released her first single of 2023, “If The Devil Looked Like You” – a stand-out track for the mosh pit or the dancefloor. In honor of the song’s release, Rue Morgue had the unique pleasure of chatting with Baby Jane about her love of horror and her upcoming work. 

Hello Baby Jane! Thank you so much for giving Rue Morgue the opportunity to speak with you. To start, I’ve gotta ask, Is your name a reference to Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? (1962)? If so, what makes that film particularly meaningful for you?

Yes! I was inspired by the main character’s shameless pursuit of fame and attention. I thought it showcased the dark side of being an artist in an interesting way. It also pays homage to my dad and our tradition of watching film noir movies on Sundays. 

Since 2022, you’ve released seven rockin’ singles. How did you find your way into the music industry?

Thank you! I grew up in LA and have been writing songs since I was 14. I’ve met great friends and collaborators that have helped me begin to realize my vision as an artist.

What were some of the influences – musical or otherwise – on your latest single, “If The Devil Looked Like You”?

I’m very much inspired by horror movie soundtracks that influenced the soundscapes of that song. My favorite being Colin Stetson’s score of Hereditary. It’s a dream of mine to work with him someday. Conceptually, I was frustrated over a very beautiful person who wanted nothing to do with me.

“If The Devil Looked Like You” Single Art

Style and aesthetics also seem to be important parts of your ethos as an artist. How would you describe the imagery evoked by your fashion and single art? 

I feel very connected to the 70s cultural attitude towards spirituality and music. My love for the occult followed the classic rock fanatic to Crowley pipeline. From there (with the help of psychedelics) I was moved to write my own religious manifesto and allude to it in my visuals as much as I can until I have the means to better export my ideas. 

In addition to your work as a musical artist, you also run the Instagram page Baby Jane’s Film Club, where you discuss a broad range of films including a lot of horror movies! Have you always loved cinema?

I didn’t go to high school, so I think I overcompensated with pop culture awareness by binging every great film in my teens so no references would go over my head in conversation. Ultimately, that led to a genuine passion for movies that inspire my music more than anything besides raw emotion. Thank you for checking out my page!

How do you see the horror genre inspiring your art? Got a favorite scary movie?

Aesthetically, horror is my favorite genre to pull from. I think the stories are timeless and stories of fear offer a rest from recycled romance tropes. It’s the dark alternative of movies, which I hope to embody in the musical space as an artist. My favorite is either Midsommar or Rosemary’s Baby

Finally, are there any upcoming projects you can hint at? What will you be up to this year?

I’m releasing a lot of new music. This year will absolutely be one of evolution and my ideas taking shape more boldly and vividly than before. 

Thank you again for discussing your work with Rue Morgue

Listen to “If The Devil Looked Like You” here and Pre-save Baby Jane’s new single “Dreaming Of You”, due out later this month. 

Images sourced from @babyjanelives on Twitter. 

Grace Detwiler
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