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Horror rock icons immortalized in collectible figures

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 | Collectibles

There’s a barrage of new figures announcements/releases coming down the pipe of interest to horror fans. Here are just a few of the wicked bunch:

pre-order for $13.95 on now

ROB ZOMBIE FUNKO POP VINYL FIGURE Let the demented Rob Zombie spice up your horror collection later this year. The singer/filmmaker will be immortalized as a Funko Pop Rocks! figure, complete with dreaded hair and torn leather pants. Zombie finally gets his likeness molded into a soft vinyl collectible figure, hopefully this will be out in time for when his 3 From Hell debuts in theatres.

$15 USD

GHOST REACTION FIGURE- PAPA EMERITUS III FROM SUPER7- Although this Swedish rock band’s lead singer is known to change his look quite frequently, Papa Emeritus III is a great place to start off your horror/rock collection. Draped in anti-Catholic garb, this Satanic priest sings with angelic pipes. Standing 3.75 inch, this figure comes with microphone accessory and custom card back. “Rats”! Here’s hoping Super7 has a chance to bring the other Papa’s back from the beyond in the future!

Standard Version $15 USD

Black Magic version $15 USD

 SLAYER REACTION FIGURE- MINOTAUR – Although Slayer are calling it quits, fans can commemorate the band with this collectible figure. This “demonic” Minotaur figure immortalizes the cover of Slayer’s 1983 debut album Show No Mercy which features. a Minotaur with cape and sword (which are the accessories included with this figure). Fans have the option of buying this edition or the “Black Magic” edition that are both available right now on Super7’s web store.

Standard Edition $15 USD

Black version $15 USD

KING DIAMOND REACTION FIGURE- Danish musician Kim Bendix Petersen, better known as King Diamond, is known for being the lead singer of both Mercyful Fate and his own solo project. Bearing his trademark stage persona, with face painted with an upside down cross, this King Diamond 3.75 inch figure includes a cape and microphone stand consisting of a femur and tibia bones. The accompanying card back features artwork by legendary artist Ed Repka, Get the classic version or full black version available now at Super7’s web store.

Horror Business version $15 USD

Fiend Walk Among Us (Green) $15 USD

Fiend Static Age $15 USD

Keeping with the dark theme, Super7 has many different versions of (THE FIEND) MISFITS REACTION FIGURE- This was first covered here. Since first reported the company has made available different variants such as “Horror Business” (a yellow transparent figure with white and read hand and face colourings, Misfits ReAction Figure – Fiend Walk Among Us (available in green, pink and purple), Misfits ReAction Figure – Fiend Static Age, this 3.75 inch figure incorporates a silver flake (usually seen in nail polish) paint job which resembles a static television screen). All versions have appropriate accompanying card backs with illustrations of The Fiend himself. All of these versions are available now. 

Iron Maiden Blind box $10 USD

Iron Maiden ReAction Figure – Blind Box Flat (include 12 figures) $120 USD

Finally, classic heavy metal act Iron Maiden’s Eddie gets the action figure treatment in IRON MAIDEN REACTION FIGURE BLINDBOXES. Straight out of classic album covers, Eddie comes alive in one of eight different figures, Maiden Japan Eddie, Sand Storm Powerslave, Japanese Single Aces High, or Battle’s End Trooper or one of the rarer chase figures: Clear Black Obsidion Powerslave, Blood Splatter Killers, Battle Damaged Aces High, and Glow In The Dark Blood Splatter Trooper.  These figures can be purchased now on Super7’s web store. These are available individually or in a box of 12 figures.

Fans of horror, music, or both (past and present) will rejoice in all the killer collectibles out now, or making their ways to shelves soon. Find more information on both company’s websites and social media.

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