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Horror is the homestead with these greeting cards and more by Charlie Ludlow

Sunday, September 8, 2019 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

Charlie Ludlow is a classically trained artist from London, in the United Kingdom. She did her schooling at St. Martins, and then became a Corporate Art Consultant in London for 15 years after graduating. Not wanting to hide her love of horror, Charlie moved into a farm house which was overrun by ants, hence the name of her Etsy store “House of the Ants”. The 16th century cottage house (which is covered in Ouija boards, skulls, Sheri Moon Zombie Dolls) is privy to all the wonderful horror illustrations which Ludlow creates, specifically greeting cards, Christmas cards and gift tags (even offering John Wayne Gacy gift tags that can be used on baby shower presents.

Price: $8.50 CDN +Shipping (for the set of 6)

Here are just a few offerings which can be purchased, right now on the House of the Ants Etsy site:

HORROR MOVIE HOUSES GREETING CARDS (PACK OF 6). Indulge your senses and love of everything horror with the very detailed hand drawn illustrations (printed on smooth 300gsm white watercolour paper) of some of the more famous horror houses in film history. The Exorcist, Beetlejuice, Let’s Scare Jessica to Death, the Sentinel, Amityville Horror and Nightmare on Elm Street… each house if fully illustrated with the address, with the inside of the card left blank (10.5cm x 13.5cm 6 envelopes included).
“I tend to create work based on my current influences,” explains Ludlow, “my Horror Houses House Warming Cards were a direct result of just having read The Night the Defeos Died and seeing 112 Ocean Avenue for sale online. They have been my most popular product.”

Price: $20 CDN +Shipping


Recently, Ludlow released THE ABC’S OF HORROR COLURING BOOK, which features a cover that pays homage to Graham Humphrey’s beautiful poster designs (Graham Humphreys has over 40 years experience as an illustrator and designer and is known for being one of the few illustrators to use the traditional medium of gouache to paint his images
Ludlow loves to share her passion for horror with her daughter, and introduced her to the horror genre at an early age, as Ludlow’s father did to her. The ABC’S OF HORROR COLOURING BOOK is filled with illustrations in book format, depicting 26 unique horror movie references. 

The softback book has a thick full cover satin front and back with lightweight mat inside sheets ideal for pencil and crayon colouring, so get one as a gift or for that horror fanatic and watch the pages come to life. Ludlow explains how she used this book as an introduction to horror for her daughter, but, cautions as this might not be appropriate for the very young.
“I conceived the book as an introduction for my 2 year old into my favorite horror films, however, discretion is advised for young children as there is the occasional eyeball,” she says.

Ugly Flood, by Charlie Ludlow (illustration from upcoming Children’s book)

Ludlow is currently putting the finishing touches on a children book that she wrote and illustrated entitled “Ugly Flood”. The story is written for youngsters and deals with subjects of grief and loss, as told by an apathetic Tree Witch. Ludlow likens the book to classic Scary stories to tell in the dark.

10 Cult Horror Movie Greetings Cards Price: $22 + Shipping

“My go to feel good films are stories with strong female leads such as Martyrs, Let’s Scare Jessica To Death, Queen of Earth, The Lords of Salem, Deathproof, I Spit on Your Grave and The Sentinel,” says Ludlow. “With my next project I want to continue to celebrate these power houses.”

Check out everything artist Charlie Ludlow has to offer on her Etsy store page (House of The Ants) and keep up with all her new works on her Social Media accounts (namely Instagram, Twitter), let her passion for horror, infect you through her fantastic illustrations.

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