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Horror filmmaker Ted Geoghegan’s “THIS IS NOT A STORY ABOUT…” explores untold screen tales

Wednesday, April 15, 2020 | News


The director of WE ARE STILL HERE and MOHAWK has begun an on-line radio show that delves into obscure yet fascinating tales of filmmaking history.

In THIS IS NOT A STORY ABOUT…, Ted Geoghegan uses familiar names as a jumping-off point to introduce listeners to subjects they might not know, but are equally intriguing. “With the pandemic sweeping my beloved New York, I felt rather trapped—both physically and artistically,” he tells RUE MORGUE. “I typically spend my days making and promoting films, but when those creative outlets dried up, I was determined to come up with something that would keep me occupied and hopefully bring a little happiness to everyone during these trying times. The idea behind THIS IS NOT A STORY ABOUT… is to share lesser-known tales of film history by couching them in subjects people know well. It’s hard to get audiences to engage in a story about someone or something they’ve never heard of, so we start—and title—each show with a hook that lures listeners into something much deeper.”

His latest episode, THIS IS NOT A STORY ABOUT BRUCE LEE, begins by touching on the saga of martial arts’ classic star and then segues into the dramatic story of kung fu actor Alexander Fu Sheng, who toplined numerous standout Shaw Brothers productions. The first installment, THIS IS NOT A STORY ABOUT WALT DISNEY, uses the early days of the animation giant as the introduction to the tale of the long-lost cartoon character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. “I know I have a reputation as a horror guy, so fans of my previous projects will be happy to know that the third episode is going to be horror-themed,” Geoghegan says. “With any luck, that will land later this week or next.”

Geoghegan records each episode in his home, then passes it on to fellow filmmaker Adam Stovall (A GHOST WAITS), who handles the final production, editing and mixing. The first two can be heard at the following sites:



Michael Gingold
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