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Saturday, March 9, 2019 | Fan Content

From films to colouring books, comic books to documentaries, there are a ton of different ways that independent creators are contributing to the horror genre. Check out the list of some great new projects below, and help them with their financial burdens if you can!

The History of Metal and Horror
$13,666 USD

Chances are, if your group of friends like horror movies, a certain percentage of them are also metalheads. The History of Metal and Horror documentary dissects the connection between these two dark arts while celebrating their creators. Of course, they’re doing it with help from notable figures in both communities such as Alice Cooper, John Carpenter, Rob Zombie, Linnea Quigley, Corey Taylor, Kane Hodder, and Doug Bradley.


Color Me Horrified
$672 CAD

Adult colouring books have become all the rage the last couple of years, helping stressed-out brains return to the relaxation of childhood. Horror artist Jenn Wakely is giving this innocent hobby a dark twist with her Color Me Horrified colouring book. Support the project and get your own copy, full of gruesome original pen and ink works just begging to be filled in with blood reds, and putrid greens.


Empty Nest
$3,500 CAD

Is there a greater terror for a young person than setting out to fulfill your dreams, only to fail miserably and have to move back in with your parents? Empty Nest tells the story of Alison, a struggling artist who returns home to save some money while she figures out her next steps. As if an existential crisis weren’t horrific enough, there’s also something strange going on in her hometown…


SKOTUS: A Political Horror Comic
$8,737 CAD

In the “art imitating life” category, we have SKOTUS: A Political Horror Comic. Described as a cross between House of Cards and Dexter, this 30 page full colour comic book follows the exploits of a president who leads the country by day, and commits bloody murder by night as the Patriot Killer.


$2,162 CAD

Sometimes we have social anxieties for good reason. John finds this out the hard way in Masquerade! Deciding to test the limits of his comfort zone, he agrees to attend a party. Unfortunately for him, this gathering is more about cults and kidnapping than pop and chips. Should have just stayed home, John.

Jessica Buck
Jessica is a life-long lover of all things dark and morbid. As the daughter of a homicide detective, you might say she’s got murder in her blood. Or at the very least, a misplaced sense of appropriate dinner-time conversation. Her attention is constantly divided between writing, event production, and the performing arts.