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Horror and Pop Culture make great mashups at Vile Consumption

Sunday, July 1, 2018 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

Vile Consumption, owned by artist Cory Holliday of Canton, Ohio, concentrates on dark creations inspired by horror, comics, science fiction and pop culture. Some of the most notable works include the 13X19-inch poster prints which act as mock comic book covers (with a horror theme) and inventive pop culture mash-up pins, such as the SLASHER WARS enamel pins which connect some of the most famous horror icons and Star Wars figures into one uniquely styled work of art.

Vile’s comic book cover prints are sure to catch the horror collector’s eyes. Most of these horror-themed poster prints are set up with the classic comic book layout (price, Comics Code seal of approval, issue number, the title of the comic, and a very catchy action shot splashed across the print) and pay homage to existing comic book covers.

THE MONSTER SQUAD POSTER 13×19 INCH PRINT – The entire cast from the 1987 Fred Dekker directed film are here: Count Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, Mummy, Gillman, and Wolfman illustrated with Vile Consumption’s own style. The colours used on this particular print are bright and catchy and the layout of the print is very appealing. My favorite particular part of this print is the hilarious use of the Wolfman, in a picture box with the words “Also included in this issue: Wolfman has Nards!!”

CAN YOU SURVIVE SPLATTERHOUSE 13×19 INCH PRINT – Gamers might recall the Splatterhouse arcade game which was first released in 1988 by Namco and then hit home gaming consoles shortly after that. It follows Rick as a parapsychology student who is trapped in a mansion. He is then brought back to life by the Terror mask (very reminiscent of the mask worn by Jason Voorhees). He must make his way through the mansion fighting hordes of odd creatures to save his girlfriend Jennifer.

This “Murder Comic” (a play on Marvel comics logo) print shows off many of the game aspects including the odd creatures (one even sporting chainsaw hands) and the transformation which Rick goes through to become the muscle-bound terror mask wearing creature, reminiscent to the Incredible Hulk’s transformation. One recurring theme in all the Vile Consumption poster prints is the layout that incorporates all the comic book standards and this Splatterhouse print is no exception, although it also makes great use of the Vile Consumption comic book logo which was not seen in the earlier mentioned Monster squad print. The illustrations and colour scheme used on this print itself is impeccable. The background greens really make the title and characters stand out. Use of captions like “Is he man or mask or both” and “Special 30th Anniversary issue” greatly add to the quality of this print, making it a must have for horror and video game collectors.

SEASON OF THE WITCH 13×19 INCH PRINT – This print not only pays homage to one of the more original entries of the Halloween franchise but also the EC horror comic book series Tales from the Crypt (originally titled The Crypt of Terror) of the 1950’s. The illustrations show characters mainly from Halloween 3: Season of the Witch such as the faceless suits and the cursed children (incorporating illustrations of the Silver Shamrock novelty masks worn in the film). The Silver Shamrock Novelties factory also makes an appearance on the print (with two shadows of people running away from it). Tales from the Crypt‘s the Crypt Keeper also appears as the first featured character on the print.

The colouring on this print alone gives it a very fall season feeling (orange, yellow and, dark blacks), which should get everyone collector looking forward to October 31. The caption coloured in black and yellow “The night no one comes home!” really gives this print a boost of gloominess and sheer terror.

THE MANIACAL LEATHERFACE 13X19 INCH PRINT – This heavily Incredible Hulk inspired print poster incorporates the Brick-styled lettering used in the Hulk comic books, then switches gears in a big way with all Texas Chainsaw Massacre character illustrations, another in the Vile Consumption branded “Murder Comics” line. Leatherface wouldn’t be complete without his trusty chainsaw (which shows a reflection of a soon to be a victim of the blade). Look for a grey-scale illustration of Chop Top in the lower right corner where the caption reads as “Americas most bizarre and brutal comic…”

A few other very notable prints include The John Carpenter inspired THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD (under the Monster Comics moniker), WELCOME TO CRYSTAL LAKE which pays homage to the comic art of “Spiderman Kraven’s last hunt” and Marvel Star Wars #1 inspired THE GREATEST ACTION FANTASY OF ALL BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA (John Carpenter and Star Wars equals amazing concept). All the above-mentioned prints cost $10 USD and are all in stock.

Vile Consumption also sells a selection of all original concept pins, which range from “MURDER COMICS” SOFT ENAMEL PINS which throw horror’s greatest in the title box of a standard comic book (which you see on everyday comics) and SLASHER WARS SOFT ENAMEL PINS which take the best from the Star Wars canon and meld it together with the best of the horror icons.

“MURDER COMICS” MICHAEL MYERS “INVERSION OF EVIL” SOFT ENAMEL PIN – This 2.5-inch long pin takes the killer from Haddonfield and places him in a Marvel comics-inspired title box. This pin comes housed in a mini-version of the “Haddonfield Halloween” print poster (with the inside showing off a mock comic book page. The pin shows off Michael running in yellow overalls (with solid-blue background) with the words “Murder Comics” top center of the pin, the number 1978 by his feet (the year Carpenter’s film was released), beside this is the Comics Code seal of approval logo. There are five separate colourways available in the style of Michael Myers (most of these pins are in a limited run of 40 available).

“MURDER COMICS” GHOSTFACE SOFT ENAMEL PIN – This 2.5-inch Wes Craven-inspired Scream pin has a solid-yellow background of course with the Ghostface figure taking the focal point of the pin. This pin shares many of the same aspects as the Michael Myers pin, with the notable difference being the year 1996 (the year the first Scream film was released). Price on all “Murder Comics” pins mentioned is $10 USD.

Lastly, the final Vile Consumption product to be mentioned is the SLASHER WARS 1.5-INCH SOFT ENAMEL PINS. These pins take the best from the Star Wars universe and mix in elements of some of horror’s greatest icons. These colourful pins attached to mock Star Wars figure card backs are a horror enthusiasts dream pins. Featured characters included are two versions of Stormtroopers with melded Jason Voorhees mask elements are entitled “Endor Lake Killer” with the caption “YOU are the rebel he’s looking for!” Collectors will just downright love the look and design of the two versions of this pin (the second pin is a video game variant of Friday the 13th coloured blue and purple).

The final entry in this line is entitled HELL VADER RAISER, this Pinhead (Hellraiser), and Darth Vader (Star Wars) 1.7-inch pin features the helmet of Darth Vader with pins protruding out of it and blood dripping from his eyes. This horror upgrade (as if Darth Vader wasn’t scary enough) gives him a very appealing iconic new look. The caption on this pin is very appropriate again mixing both universe’s elements together “He will tear your force apart!” Price for “Slasher Wars” pins is $10 USD

Cory Holliday, a horror and comic book fanatic, puts his love of both mediums and creates some grotesquely beautiful creations in his poster prints, enamel pins and other available goods. Check out all new and old products from the exciting Vile Consumption at the following links.   

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