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Help these CROWDFUNDING PROJECTS get off the ground

Tuesday, February 5, 2019 | Fan Content

The weather outside is frightful, but so are these horror crowdfunding proposals! Whether you like films, comics, or board games, there’s something here for everyone. Help them reach their financial goals, and in return get to brag that you knew about these projects before they were cool.

$1800 USD

It’s a story that horror fans know well—something mysterious falls from the sky, then suddenly mutants are walking the earth. Andrew Acosta puts a twist on the trope in his comic book Swarm. When an alien spacecraft crashes into a high school, the students and teachers are turned into undead beehives. Arriving late, two students are confronted by the buzzing biters, and must figure out a way to safety, while the military, black ops and even an angel arrive to investigate.


Next Door
$2617 CAD

It’s true what they say, you never know what goes on behind closed doors. Riding that premise is Next Door, a full length anthology film comprised of horror stories about the dark things that our neighbours could be doing in the privacy of their homes. With a heavy dose of black humour, each film follows a central theme, creating one cohesive storyline.


Slash-Accre: Slasher Movie Board Game
$5286 CAD

If you’re the type that yells at the screen when sexy teens make terrible decisions in horror movies, this project is for you! Combining the loves of 80s slasher films with the more recent re-popularization of board games, Slash-Accre is a must-have for your next games night. Customize your player pieces, and then decide if you want to be the killer Kane Voorhardt, or one of his many possible victims. While it has already reached the basic funding levels, your pledges can secure you a copy of the game and ensure the production of expansion packs.


Something Real: Chapters 1-3
$3500 USD

The boogeyman exists, and he’s creating his own world fueled by the power of children’s imaginations, in Something Real. The first three chapters of this comic book introduce young Phillip Hasten, who is being haunted by the monster under his bed. An extraordinary kid, he’s exactly what the boogeyman needs in order to complete his creation. But is Phillip’s brilliant mind impervious to the forces of evil?


The Silence

It’s the 1950s, and men from a small town are mysteriously vanishing, then turning up dead in sci-fi thriller The Silence. Pairing external demons with internal ones, the film follows local news reporter Martin as he sets out in search of the truth, all the while struggling with his own repressed sexuality and the unraveling of his marriage.

Jessica Buck
Jessica is a life-long lover of all things dark and morbid. As the daughter of a homicide detective, you might say she’s got murder in her blood. Or at the very least, a misplaced sense of appropriate dinner-time conversation. Her attention is constantly divided between writing, event production, and the performing arts.