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Monday, November 26, 2018 | Fan Content

We believe that money—or a lack thereof— shouldn’t stand between creators and their dreams. Ergo, we’ve compiled some of this month’s best horror projects that just need a little financial boost to get going. Like what you see? Donate some cash, get a cool gift, and know that you’ve helped further someone’s career. Everyone wins!


Cowgirls vs. Pterodactyls
$3,000 USD

It’s a tale as old as time – girl meets boy, girl loses boy to a pterodactyl. Journey back to the year 1888 where a badass schoolteacher is forced to fight off a prehistoric monster that is terrorizing her small Texas town. Cowgirls vs Pterodactyls (be careful Googling that one) comes from the brain of Joshua Kennedy, and mixes live action with stop motion animation by Ryan Lengyel.


Night of the Living Dead: Party Kickstarter
$33,265 CAD

As a horror fan, it’s imperative that you have all the tools you need to throw a proper themed party. That’s where the Night of the Living Dead Party Kickstarter kit comes in! Having partnered with the production company behind the original film, Living Dead Media has created a whole new line of merch for the 50th anniversary and they want to share it with you. Drinkware, playing cards, t-shirts, koozies – you name it and they’ve got it. Not to mention, a detailed guidebook on general zombie-party rules, recipes and more.


Edward – A Stop Motion Folk Tale
$8,000 USD

Filmmaker Elliot Lobell loves stories of the unknown, especially those featuring ordinary people facing extraordinary challenges. Unsurprisingly, his latest project concerns a 19th century folk tale about a man with two faces, who is driven to insanity. Not only is Elliot bringing the tortured Edward Mordrake to life on screen, he’s doing it with the finicky art of stop motion animation, no less. Could he be the next Tim Burton? Donate and find out.


Death Jaw
$20,000 CAD

Inspired by the Marvel universe, filmmaker Crystal Pastis wants to mix the superhero genre with horror. Her new film Death Jaw blurs the lines of good and evil with a character that is part hero and part villain. Help her make the origin story for this masked marauder, and perhaps secure yourself a new favourite Halloween watch.

Jessica Buck
Jessica is a life-long lover of all things dark and morbid. As the daughter of a homicide detective, you might say she’s got murder in her blood. Or at the very least, a misplaced sense of appropriate dinner-time conversation. Her attention is constantly divided between writing, event production, and the performing arts.