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Help Actress Peggy Neal Return to the Screen in New Kaiju Film

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 | News


Genre film publicist, occasional producer, and friend of Rue Morgue, Avery Guerra, is fulfilling his lifelong dream by working on the upcoming feature-length Japanese kaiju film, The Great Buddha Arrival. After the film had an incredibly successful fundraiser in Japan where they reached over 148% of their goal, Guerra spent much of his time extensively searching for one of the most beloved classic actresses of the subgenre, Peggy Neal. 

After her short stint in Japanese fantasy films of the late 60’s such as X- From Outer Space and Terror Beneath The Sea, Neal became one of Japan’s biggest mysteries, disappearing from the limelight altogether. After a long fought out search, not only did Guerra find and contact Peggy, but she became so intrigued by the story and concept of The Great Buddha Arrival that she accepted the offer of a role in the film.

However, Guerra is currently facing one last roadblock. While the film is fully funded and scheduled to start shooting in August, Guerra and the rest of the team need your help to raise money so Neal can once again grace the screen. Funds raised will go towards covering Peggy and her traveling assistant’s airfare, hotel, meals, and fees.

“Peggy is very excited about the possibility of working on this film. We now reach out to you the fans and hope that you’ll show Peggy the fan love she deserves for giving us such fun performances and pitch in to help us all realize this dream of our’s,” says Guerra.

The Great Buddha Arrival also stars Akira Takarada, Yukijiro Hotaru, and Shelley Sweeney. Click here to help get Neal to the set so she can return to acting.

Visit for more information or follow the project on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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