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Heavy Hitting HorrorFest Returning to Whistler, BC on October 30th

Sunday, June 30, 2019 | Short Films

The Heavy Hitting HorrorFest, a short horror film festival that returned last year after a two year hiatus following the death of co-founder Chili Thom, is coming back for another round this year on October 30th in Whistler, BC.  This year, however,  HorrorFest: Apocalypse will be unleashed in a BRAND NEW location (check out the website to keep up with updates on the new venue). All the movie screenings and the afterparty will be hosted in this one location and tickets for HorrorFest: Apocalypse will include roundtrip bus transfers from Whistler Village to the venue.

Plus, this year founder Feet Banks wants to add some green to the red being splattered around.  “It’s always been about having fun with your friends and trying to make the most badass film possible with the least resources,” Banks explains.  “But after 15 years, everything is getting elevated. The films coming in have explosions, car chases and big, gushy exit wounds. This kind of stuff takes resources to pull off so it’s nice to be able to dangle a nice cash carrot as well as the prestige that comes with winning.”

With that in mind, the event will be giving away a total of $4500 in cash prizes in the following categories:

  • $1,500 for Best in Show
  • $500 for People’s Choice
  • $666.69 For the Chili Thom Memorial Award
  • $250 for Best Cinematography
  • $300 for the Erin Solowey Manimal Award For Most Fearless Performance
  • $250 for Best Actor
  • $250 for Best Actress
  • $400 for Best Effect
  • $100 for Best Death Scene
  • $150 for Rookie of the Year

So as the site says, it’s time to break out that fake blood and start thinking about how you can put a new twist on real B-grade fun featuring Mad Max’s, monsters, slashers, Martians, chupacabras, bigfoots, zombies, mummies, ghosts, lesbian vampires, giant leeches and more… Whatever you got, they’ll take.  However, as always this exlcudes rapey torture porn that doesn’t service a story.  They tell me you can keep that.

The deadline to submit a film is September 15, 2019, so click here if you’ve got a film that you want them to consider! 

Tickets for the event will go on sale October 1st.

Bryan Christopher