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Going crazy for Syu-ichi Kawata’s “Necro Solid Necro Resin”

Sunday, October 1, 2017 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

Japan has long been known as a hotbed for some of the world’s most extraordinary artists who work in many entertainment mediums. They conjure up a few of the most notable creatures and monsters of modern times. I had a chance to preview one such artist named Syu-ichi Kawata (NecroSolidNecroResin). Primarily working with resin to sculpt some of the weirdest, warped creatures to hit the planet in years, Syu-ichi’s style is unmatched, and with each inch of wrinkled flesh covered muscle, these monsters breathe creativity.

Two of Syu-ichi’s newest creations known as 黒衣 左手遣い (Kuroko left-hand master) and 黒衣 足遣い (Kuroko Leg master) display the “Necro” style that resonates in all his creations. There is an abundance of technique from top to bottom on these resin kits, from tattered clothing layered across the torsos to the sharp monster’s visage of viciousness.

黒衣 左手遣い (Kuroko Left-Hand Master) has a muscular human-like look with a twisted contorted hand (hence the name). The lower body is covered in a wrap with the head looking to be a melding of pre-historic and arachnid features.

黒衣 足遣い (Kuroko Leg Master) has more of an aged alien from a far off planet look. The appendages although muscular have a great foreign look to them: hands and feet are more beast like showing off powerful looking claws and the skull resembles a shell or armor, not unlike a beetle.

Both figures have a separate neck guard or neck armor piece which you can decide to glue on or keep off. Each figure comes included with a solid base with alien markings to stand on, which also enhances the creature value. These resin kits stand about nine inches tall and are sold unpainted, so you can decide if they really need paint to enhance them or not.

Syu-ichi Kawata’s art are pieces would normally not get seen on this side of the earth, but thanks to the internet, more and more of these artist’s visions can be enjoyed and discovered. These kits are all handmade, so there a limited amount available.

If you’d like to reach out to Syu-ichi Kawata for pricing and more information, you can do so through email.

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