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Go retro in a big way with Exhumed VHS

Sunday, June 24, 2018 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

Exhumed VHS out Calgary, Canada are (not surprisingly) huge fans of the old VHS format which existed for over three decades. They not only still collect old tapes but they are bringing them back in a big way with their GIANT VHS TAPE wall art. These enormous lightweight three dimensional thermoformed ABS plastic pieces pay great homage to a bygone era, including the video stores in which these long lost treasures could be found. Fully wall-mountable (tabs on the back for hanging), these VHS tapes would look great just about anywhere. 

“I decided that I wanted to create this huge VHS tape somehow,” explains Susan at Exhumed VHS. “How cool would it be to have a giant VHS tape to hang on the wall of your favourite movie? I am a trades person and am very good with my hands, as well as artistic. I found some drywall in my basement and layer by layer created the giant three dimensional Vhs tape, sculpting the finer details with plaster. It is exactly five times bigger than a normal tape measuring in at 37″ L x 20″ H x 2″ W. I took this sculpture to a plastic company and discussed the possibility of getting it thermoformed so that it can be lightweight and mass produced.”

                                                                                                                                                   -PJ Soles with a Giant VHS tape

The resulting handmade, made to order, fully assembled wall decor pieces come complete with clear plastic window inserts (resembling the old VHS tape design housings where the film could be found), include a rainbow VHS label (unless a custom one is requested), as well as a green horror sticker. The tapes can also be purchased with custom movie labels upon request after purchase (all movie labels are designed by Jeff Robertson).                                                                                                                            

Currently Exhumed VHS is working on a new product to go along with their “Giant” VHS tapes with the rainbow labels: “Giant” VHS video boxes. Right now these boxes (printed by Twinbat Sticker Co.) will only be sold with the rainbow labeled VHS tapes, with more to maybe follow in the future. 

Go retro in a big way and relive some nostalgia from the golden days of home video and wall-mount one of these great pieces in your horror den or wherever you choose. 
Price: $140 + Shipping (Without Vhs box)
(Price  with box TBD)

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