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Wednesday, February 1, 2023 | Giveaways

Is that love in the air or the stench of rotting flesh? In a match made in horror heaven, we’ve partnered with HORROR HARBOR, part of the Aftermath Islands metaverse ecosystem, to make this Valentine’s Day the most terrifying ever. Who needs flowers and candy when you could reap the ghoulish delights of our DEADLY HEARTS VALENTINE DAY’S GIVEAWAY! 

One lucky winner will receive a red hot prize bundle including one (1) of each of the following:

A rare or limited edition RUE MORGUE magazine of your choice

A fiendishly fashionable tee of your choice from the RUE MORGUE SHOPPE

A plot of land in the HORROR HARBOR metaverse

Spellbook for conjuring HORROR HARBOR in-game items, including vehicles, weapons, familiars and houses

Amulet – An in-game utility that provides the ability to temporarily run faster in HORROR HARBOR and Aftermath Islands (You’re going to need it!)

How can you enter to win these gruesome goodies? It’s so simple a zombie could do it!

Follow the HORROR HARBOR Instagram account.

Tag your Deadly Valentine in the post comments.

Follow HORROR HARBOR on Twitter and Facebook

The winner will be announced on February 14. Enter now!

For more information about DEADLY HEARTS: A Valentine’s Day Giveaway, click here!

Rue Morgue Manor
The Rue Morgue Manor is the Toronto headquarters of Rue Morgue magazine and its brand offshoots.