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Ghost Releases New “Life Eternal” Music Video

Thursday, March 4, 2021 | Music


After a massively successful double North American tour and one European tour, Ghost has been on a hiatus for a bit and deservedly so. After a pandemic was thrown into the mix, the band has been silent on all fronts (save for an alcohol lawsuit) and fans were wondering when and what we would hear from the newly promoted Papa Emeritus IV. Thanks to a surprise premier over on YouTube, the wait is over and Ghost released a new music video for “Life Eternal!”

The video was filmed at the Palacio de los Deportes concert in Mexico one year to the day prior to its release. While most music videos put the band front and center, the true stars of this video are the fans. If you have ever been to a Ghost concert, there’s this euphoric feeling that waves through the audience through the entire show. It’s really hard to describe but there’s a camaraderie among the fans that’s unmatched. No matter which Ghost show you see, you are able to make a friend, meet some great people and see some amazing costuming while listening to some of the best live music and theatrics you will ever experience.

The “Life Eternal” concert video perfectly showcases that. Not only does it bring us back to a time where we can actually go to shows and actually be around other humans, but it’s also really beautifully done. The black and white not only gives the video a more emotional feel but it is a true tribute to the black and white faces of Papa Emeritus past and present. This video also reveals that Cardinal Copia has been transformed into Papa Emeritus IV and, for those that didn’t get to see it live in concert, it will give you goosebumps. 

It is unknown whether COVID has put a wrench in the band’s recording schedule, as they were planning to release some new songs this year. We can only hope that the “Life Eternal” video release is the return of Ghost to YouTube, the return of its chapter videos and the return of Papa Emeritus IV. Keep an eye on Rue Morgue for more Ghost news and releases!

Dev Crowley
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