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Get Your Retro Fix Of Humour And Horror Merch At Horrible Home Video

Sunday, September 1, 2019 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

Price: $9.99 USD (without enamel pin) $14.99 (with enamel pin) + shipping

Ring in the Halloween season with Horrible home video, starting with their newly revamped website with exciting items like PARODY VHS MYSTERY RENTAL GOODIE BOX. No late charges on these rentals, just full of awesome goods! So what’s in the box? This is a value item indeed, as you get more than what you pay for. If collectors have a thing for enamel horror themed pins, upgrade the mystery box for $5 and be guaranteed a collectible pin!, all this for the price of a new VHS rental (if this was 1996).

Price: $6.65 USD (individually) + shipping

Speaking of enamel pins, check out the HORRIBLE HOME VIDEO AND MAKINI PRESENTS GHOST WRAITH SLASH UP SERIES. This new series teams Justin Parker up with Chris Fabritz of ( to take a stab at re-imaging 6 Joker cards as horror icons, with this as the first in the set. This 1.75 inch tall, soft enamel pin comes in two versions, red and yellow form, or classic horror icon form, with a total of 25 available (on this website) of each design (more of these pins are available here).

Price: $16.99 USD + shipping

Halloween is joyous time for celebrating, why not show some love to the ALFOMET T-SHIRT, a blend of Baphomet (the goat-headed, angel-winged demon) with the cat eating furry alien called Alf (acronym for Alien Life Form). Alf was a 1986 live-action sitcom about an alien that was stranded on Earth, only to find himself living in the suburbs with the Tanner family. The show ran for four seasons and eventually spawned an animated series and a late night live action talk show (did I forget to mention that ALF ate cats on his planet of Malmack, which makes the Tanner’s family cat very nervous). Both come together in ALFomet, a figure we can all get behind (the actual shirt doesn’t block out the nudity, so just keep that in mind). These soft silk screen print shirts are limited to 100 printed, be sure to order soon, save a cat won’t you?

Price: $4.99 USD +shipping

Finally, check out this BIG PIZZA FACE sticker, a giant 4 x 3.3 inch vinyl sticker that makes reference to Freddy Kruger’s face, or is it also tipping its fedora to the fact that ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, there’s a scene where ole pizza face appeared at a diner and picked at a “soul pizza”. Either way it’s a fun sticker to gift to a horror fan or friend.

Bring on your Halloween spirit early with any of the available aforementioned merchandise from Horrible Home Video and check out the website for more new and exciting items dropping daily.

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