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Get Toxic With Super7’s “Toxic Crusaders Keshi Trash Can”

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 | News

Super7 has teamed up with Toxie once again to bring buyers THE TOXIC CRUSADER KESHI TRASH CAN. Based on the 1991 animated television series, in which The Toxic Crusaders team up to combat pollution, this translucent, green trash can (complete with Toxie’s face molded in to the top) houses a full set of 12 poseable, 1.75 inch Keshi figures (modeled after the Japanese M.U.S.C.L.E style figures which Super7 have used in other properties). The 12 figures are actually a set of 6, with each being featured in two different colours. The figures in the set include Toxie, Junkyard, Psycho, Headbanger, Dr. Killemoff, Radiation Ranger (every can also include a random “chase” figure in clear clear slime green colour. Do the World some good and get your own can of mutated madness for $20 USD (plus, shipping). Check out all other Keshi- styled figures and other horror greats from Super7 on its social media accounts and website.

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Chris Hammond
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