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Gather round for Ghost Stories and more in RUE MORGUE #181 Mar/Apr 2018 issue

Thursday, February 22, 2018 | Releases

Ghost Stories, horror Tarot cards, the macabre photography of Joel-Peter Witkin… RUE MORGUE #181 Mar/Apr 2018 issue is here! 
Almost a decade after it premiered on the British stage, writer/director duo JEREMY DYSON and ANDY NYMAN bring their spectral theatre experience, GHOST STORIES, to the big screen. Plus: A brief history of horror theatre from GREEK TRAGEDY to GRAND GUIGNOL and beyond, and stage productions based on horror movies.
Plus! We celebrate the work and legacy of boundary pushing JOEL-PETER WITKIN, a man who photographs the dead in elegant repose; the darkest TAROT CARD decks in existence; writer director Brandon Christensen’s STILL/BORN; Fabien DeLage’s COLD GROUND; Bowen climbs the TOWER OF EVIL; Black Museum dissects THE NIGHT WALKER; Black Mask Studios’ COME INTO ME; Dawn Ius’ LIZZIE; the macabre miniatures of SUSETE SARAIVA; The Homicidal Homemaker makes ZOMBUNNY MARSHMALLOWS; Richard Band’s score for Renny Harlin’s PRISON; BEHOLDER: COMPLETE EDITION; THEY ARE BILLIONS; two fans DEBATE: is subtitling always preferable to dubbing?
All this and the latest film, book, comic book, music, game and toy releases!
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