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Friday, June 7, 2019 | Exclusive, Frights For Tykes


Hey there FRIGHTS FOR TYKES readers, it’s been awhile! I apologize for not being in touch the past few weeks; things have been kind of overwhelming in my life. Thankfully, I have a beach near my home that has alleviated much of my anxiety.

It’s true: when I’m not writing about spooky and scary children’s books, I’m most probably beachcombing – a simple, soothing hobby in which one meanders along the shore in search of treasure. Beachcombing is a lot like the book I’ll be recommending today, as it requires you to look closely… so you can find the wonders hidden just below your nose. The book is I SPY SPOOKY NIGHT: A BOOK OF PICTURE RIDDLES with photographs by Walter Wick and riddles by Jean Marzollo.

In I SPY SPOOKY NIGHT, the reader explorers the rooms and grounds of a “spooky” haunted house, all the while looking to solve its visual riddles. When I was a kid, this was my favourite book in the I SPY series and  returned to it numerous times as I grew up. Not too long ago, I was rummaging through a box of discarded Halloween books at a library sale and spied a copy, which I had to grab (along 30 other children’s books). A week later, while leafing through my acquisitions, I noticed that the edition I bought was from the STRONG MUSEUM OF PLAY, which was always my favourite.

I SPY SPOOKY NIGHT: A BOOK OF PICTURE RIDDLES can be bought on AMAZON for $5.23, plus free shipping, used, in “Good” condition.

I SPY SPOOKY NIGHT is chock full of (creepy) treasure waiting to be discovered. Leave your real-world fears at the gate and enter the world of SPOOKY NIGHT…if you dare.


Glenn Tolle
Glenn Tolle grew up with a healthy interest in the macabre. His dad worked, and still works, as a grave digger, and much of his childhood was spent running around cemeteries and reading creepy books. All this combined with early viewings of the classic Universal monster movies led him to writing about the genre. He writes not only for RUE but also for under the pen name Glenn Strange. When not writing about horror Glenn talks about and interviews people within the horror and film community for the YouTube channel Psychic Celluloid Signals and creates original horror stories for publication.