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Friday, September 28, 2018 | Exclusive, Frights For Tykes


Funny animals, or animals with whimsical human characteristics, have always been a staple of children’s books. Look no further than BUSYTOWN, THE GOLDEN BOOK OF RIVER BEND, BABAR, and the classic WIND IN THE WILLOWS – just a few examples of children’s books which feature funny animals in funny situations. In this edition of FRIGHTS FOR TYKES I will be covering the funny animal oddity SHERIFF SALLY GOPHER AND THE HAUNTED DANCE HALL by Robert Quackenbush, published by LOTHROP, LEE & SHEPARD COMPANY in 1977.

Sheriff Sally Gopher is a bold critter; she isn’t afraid of anything, not even ghosts. Lola Field Mouse, a well-known dancer, is coming to Pebble Junction and she needs a place to perform. At first, no one in Pebble Junction is keen on renovating the old dance hall, but Sheriff Sally convinces them that she will take care of the ghost. What follows is a funny animal take on THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA that is both cute and creepy.

I bought my library edition of SHERIFF SALLY GOPHER AND THE HAUNTED DANCE HALL for $1 at a library sale last month – it was a dollar well spent. SHERIFF SALLY GOPHER is written for beginner readers and maxes out at 64 pages with interior illustrations that complement the story’s content.

 My edition of SHERIFF SALLY GOPHER AND THE HAUNTED DANCE HALL can be bought on AMAZON for $6.82, plus free shipping, used, in “Acceptable” condition.

If your child loves stories with funny animals, I recommend you add SHERIFF SALLY GOPHER AND THE HAUNTED DANCE HALL to your collection.


Glenn Tolle
Glenn Tolle grew up with a healthy interest in the macabre. His dad worked, and still works, as a grave digger, and much of his childhood was spent running around cemeteries and reading creepy books. All this combined with early viewings of the classic Universal monster movies led him to writing about the genre. He writes not only for RUE but also for under the pen name Glenn Strange. When not writing about horror Glenn talks about and interviews people within the horror and film community for the YouTube channel Psychic Celluloid Signals and creates original horror stories for publication.