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Thursday, October 31, 2019 | Frights For Tykes


I was out driving the other night when a small black cat crossed my path. Seeing this…my blood froze. But NOT because I was afraid of getting bad luck…on the contrary, I was afraid for the black cats luck. October is an especially dangerous time for cats… especially black cats. Due to a silly superstition, many cats are killed in October. This is awful. I wish I could have found that black cat and given it a safe home for the month but, unfortunately it was gone before I could get out of my car.

In this small and special Halloween edition of FRIGHTS FOR TYKES I will be recommending SCARY, SCARY HALLOWEEN written by Eve Bunting and illustrated by Jan Brett.

In SCARY, SCARY HALLOWEEN trick or treaters dance in the streets while a mother cat and her kittens hide, watching the many monsters leap. The kittens are afraid. The mother cat is afraid. This is truly a scary, scary Halloween.

SCARY, SCARY HALLOWEEN is one of the quintessential Halloween children’s books that subverts the cursed Halloween cat trope that we all know. A love letter not just to cats but to Halloween, dream team Eve Bunting and Jan Brett masterfully evoke the briskness of the Halloween air and the little cats who must beware.

You can buy your very own edition of SCARY, SCARY HALLOWEEN on ABEBOOKS for $3.86 plus free shipping. OR….you can watch/listen to the video below.






Glenn Tolle
Glenn Tolle grew up with a healthy interest in the macabre. His dad worked, and still works, as a grave digger, and much of his childhood was spent running around cemeteries and reading creepy books. All this combined with early viewings of the classic Universal monster movies led him to writing about the genre. He writes not only for RUE but also for under the pen name Glenn Strange. When not writing about horror Glenn talks about and interviews people within the horror and film community for the YouTube channel Psychic Celluloid Signals and creates original horror stories for publication.