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Sunday, April 7, 2019 | Exclusive, Frights For Tykes


It’s looking a lot like Easter where I live. Rabbits with colourful eggs have begun to peek from every window and mantle in my highly-decorated home. There’s a certain magic to Easter, regardless of its religious connotations, which may explain why I thought it was high time to recommend this book by the master of juvenile horror…

In this week’s edition of FRIGHTS FOR TYKES I will be recommending BAD HARE DAY, number 41 in the original GOOSEBUMPS series written by R.L. Stine, published in 1996 by SCHOLASTIC. The book tells the story of Tim, who turns his 10 year old little sister, Ginny, into a rabbit after playing with a magic kit stolen from the famous magician Amaz-O.

When I was thirteen, I tried to teach myself magic tricks and though never succeeded, I did gain an entirely new respect for the craft. BAD HARE DAY is a humorous, scary, and slightly surreal book that would feel right at home in the TWILIGHT ZONE. Besides magic carrots, there’s a lot for young readers and old readers to nibble on.

 You can buy your own edition of BAD HARE DAY on AMAZON for $0.88 plus $3.99 shipping, used, in “Good” condition.

Books are a wonderful thing to give as Easter gifts. BAD HARE DAY is sure to brighten (or is that bewitch?) any Easter basket.

Glenn Tolle
Glenn Tolle grew up with a healthy interest in the macabre. His dad worked, and still works, as a grave digger, and much of his childhood was spent running around cemeteries and reading creepy books. All this combined with early viewings of the classic Universal monster movies led him to writing about the genre. He writes not only for RUE but also for under the pen name Glenn Strange. When not writing about horror Glenn talks about and interviews people within the horror and film community for the YouTube channel Psychic Celluloid Signals and creates original horror stories for publication.