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Four New-To-Streaming Genre Titles Available This January, Including Blumhouse’s “THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE CHILDREN”

Monday, January 2, 2023 | Vile VOD


Welcome to 2023 Rue Morgue readers! Already the year is shaping up to be an exciting time for horror cinema… As we await the theatrical releases of M3GAN, INFINITY POOL, and SCREAM VI, check out these new-to-streaming Horror, Sci-Fi, and Thriller films becoming available on VOD this month.


Available On-Demand and Digital on January 20, 2023

Starring Dominic Mariche, Phoebe Rex, Calem MacDonald, Asher Grayson Percival, Ben Tector
Written by John Davies & Jason Eisener
Directed by Jason Eisener
RLJE Films and Shudder

Genre & Synopsis: Horror/Sci-Fi. All Gary wants is to make awesome home movies with his best buds. All his older sister Samantha wants is to hang with the cool kids. When their parents head out of town one Halloween weekend, an all-time rager of a teen house party turns to terror when aliens attack, forcing the siblings to band together to survive the night. 



Available on Cable VOD and Digital on January 17, 2023

Starring the cast of Small Town Monsters
Directed by Seth Breedlove
1091 Pictures

Genre & Synopsis: Horror/Docudrama. Alaska might not seem to be the ideal locale to search for Bigfoot; with its frigid temperatures, hard-to-navigate environments, and endless acres of wild lands, the quarry (in this case a hairy, ape-like creature) would neatly fit into the needle-in-a-haystack analogy. Yet, despite all it has going against it, Alaska does appear to be home to the hairy hominid. Hundreds of eyewitness reports, dozens of intriguing footprints, audio samples, and even video, seem to show that the creature known as Sasquatch is well at home in the land of the midnight sun.



Available on Digital and On-Demand on January 17, 2023

Starring Alisha Wainwright, Zach Gilford, Amanda Crew, Carlos Santos
Written by T.J. Cimfel & Dave White
Directed by Roxanne Benjamin
Paramount Home Entertainment and MGM+

Genre & Synopsis: Horror/Thriller. When Margaret (Wainwright) and Ben (Gilford) take a weekend trip with longtime friends Ellie (Crew) and Thomas (Santos) and their two young children (Guiza and Mattle), Ben begins to suspect something supernatural is occurring when the kids behave strangely after disappearing into the woods overnight.



Available On-Demand and Digital on January 17, 2023

Starring Grant Schumacher, Caitlin Duffy, Ariella Mastroianni, and Chris Cimperman
Written and Directed by Bruce Wemple
Epic Pictures

Genre & Synopsis: Sci-Fi/Thriller. THE TOMORROW JOB follows a team of thieves who use a time-travel drug to trade places with their future selves to execute the ultimate heist. When interrupted on a job the team must fix their past mistakes to prevent disastrous consequences. A dynamic mix of genres, THE TOMORROW JOB is a high-stakes sci-fi action-adventure epic with heart, humor, and fun, and an ode to beloved heist comedies of the past.


Grace Detwiler
Rue Morgue's Online Assistant Editor - Grace Detwiler (@finalgirlgrace) is a freelance film journalist and law student. Her original work can be found on her blog, FinalGirlGrace, as well as in Rue Morgue's print and online publications.