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Forget Gremlins, this holiday season is all about “Fugglers”

Sunday, December 16, 2018 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

For those who have yet to start their holiday shopping, check out these new stuffed FUGGLERS, funny and ugly monsters with an appearance which is sure to turn some heads and catch some eyes. These out-of-this-world creations come from the mind of Louise McGettrick, who is credited with these loveable oddities. Starting out as a hobby to keep her busy, McGettrick soon found herself immersed in the personalities of these wonderfully bizarre toy collectibles for kids and adults alike.

After one Christmas in which she found herself typing words haphazardly on EBay, she came across a listing for a bag of false teeth. That unlikely event proved to be a point of inspiration that led McGettrick to let her creations loose in the world to spread mischievous joy to all who come in contact with them. Her hobby, which morphed into an idiosyncratic line of plush toys, hit shelves this past July from the company SPIN MASTER. A leading company in children’s entertainment, Spin Master happened upon McGettrick’s creations which were then gaining a cult-like following. Noticing that the Fuggler brand was uniquely different from anything else in the market, Spin Masters wanted to help these creative plush toys spread their mass appeal worldwide.

I think of Fugglers like the neighbourhood cat that walks like Nosferatu and hisses at passers-by, but lives with a sweet little old lady that dotes on them and cooks them fish each night,” says McGettrick “The big aggressive-looking dog that’s begrudgingly wearing a bonnet and taking part in a children’s tea party. It’s a relationship that might not make a lot of sense from the outside, but for those who are drawn to the misshapen edges of life, it’s a perfect fit. The world might see them as monsters, but they’re my monsters, and I love them”

Potential owners can read over the six step “Adoption Process”, making the whole purchasing process fun and exciting. Step 5, for instance,  talks about how the Fuggler will be stuffed forcibly into a Fuggler-proof cardboard travelling box (covered with written warnings). It also states that “he will try to escape that box, so don’t be surprised if it shows up at your door mangled as heck”. In each separate Fuggler box you’ll find your distinct plush creature (more on this in a second) and an adoption certificate, with which you can register your toys unique registration number online on the website.

Available in 9 inch and larger 12 inch sizes, each Fuggler is different in look and attitude. Take, for instance, the 9-inch orange material Fuggler which comes with two different-sized and eyes (buttons, toy eyes) all sewed on. Each largemouth has an assortment of fake teeth, some sharp, and some adult – all creepy. Finally, keep down wind and as far away as possible from their little button bums. The material and pieces used on the plush toys are secured really well, it feels like a quality toy meant for snuggling, or tossing at a loved one (although some of the larger toys have hard plastic claws.

Fugglers are more than a fad. The toys have spawned fan sites, such as “Fugglife – The Fuggler FanSite” which deals in all things Fugglers, including a price guide, where to buy and a list of “Chase” Fugglers (hard to find or different variations). Some of the available Chase figures have glow in the dark teeth and eyes, come with “golden” button holes (bum). The price on these toys run from $17 CDN (for the 9 inch figures) and $25 CDN (for the 12 inch figures) *These Prices from EBGAMES.CA

Everything about this line of plush toys exudes a good time, from the comical warnings and the video ads to show off each Fuggler, to the look and feel of each toy. Why not adopt one this holiday season…. if you dare!

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