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FatDadsToys Chases the Clouds Away With The “Mr. Singin’ In The Rain” Art Toy

Friday, August 27, 2021 | Collectibles


A few months back we ran a feature on Demello of FatDadsToys and his upcoming Kubrick-inspired project, and the figure is finally here! An avid fan of Stanley Kubrick, (especially the film A Clockwork Orange), Demello sought to pay tribute to one of the celebrated director’s most iconic films in a unique way, and he more than delivered. 

Keeping with the theme of the film, Mr. Singin’ in the Rain comes in a mock milk box container (think of the single-serve ones that you would get at lunch time as a kid) and on which the FatDadsToys logo is very pronounced alongside raindrops and illustrated eyeballs. The film’s title is in bright orange font on one side of the box, while the other is emblazoned with a FatDadsToys motto, “Love first, think second, Pay it forward and never litter,” and the hashtag #Artistshelpingartists underneath.

Taking the toy out of the box, it’s evident that this little droog is all in one piece and does not require any assembly. At a height of four inches, Mr. Singin in the Rain stands upon a white milk puddle base, has one gold-painted, cog-shaped monocle, and holds a cane with a painted eye atop it. A fancy bowler hat sits atop his “head” and milk droplets drip his cloud body. The toy’s backstory, as explained by Demello, is a charming one: “He’s busking to save up money to one day open his own milk bar… the Korova!” This figure will set you back $50 USD, but it is well worth the cost for this unique and well-constructed art toy that should tickle any fan of the film it’s inspired by. 

The Mr. Singin’ in the Rain figure is available now on the FatDadToys Bigcartel website



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