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Fangoria Presents “Our Lady Of The Inferno”, Coming This September

Wednesday, May 23, 2018 | News


The horror world is currently experiencing a surge in talented writers, and Rue Morgue’s own Preston Fassel is definitely one of those people. His most resent novel, Our Lady of the Inferno, has not only received rave reviews, but has also been acquired by Cinestate, who will be re-releasing it as the first “Fangoria Presents” title on September 11th, 2018.

Our Lady of the Inferno is a gripping story of redemption and revenge set against the backdrop of New York’s 42nd Street in the 80s. It follows two strong, but dissimilar women, whose lives collide as they are forced to face and battle against the ultimate evil. There is much in this book to please both horror aficionados and the average reader alike. Our Lady of the Inferno has already received high praise by reviewers from Fear Forever, Diabolique Magazine, and Pop Horror, and is also featured in the “Library of The Damned” column in our current Issue (RM#182), available now.

“I’ve been interested in the history of 42nd Street, and the grindhouse/vice culture in particular, ever since I read Bill Landis and Michelle Clifford’s Sleazoid Express in high School. The idea that there was this whole sort of kingdom of the damned that existed in New York and was partially built around low-rent horror movies and pulp filmmaking was astounding to me,” says Preston about the inspiration for the novel.

Born in Houston, Texas, Preston is a Rondo Award nominated writer whose work has appeared in Rue Morgue Magazine, Screem Magazine, 20/20, and on and He also wrote “Remembering Vanessa,” the first published biography of British horror star Vanessa Howard, which was printed in the Spring 2014 issue of Screem Magazine. In addition to his magazine writing, Preston also served as the assistant editor of from 2015 to 2017. 

Preston’s talent not only shines in his ability to paint a vivid picture of 42nd Street and its sleazy underbelly, but also in his inclusion of well-developed female characters. When asked about his decision to centre the book around two female leads, Preston replied: “I think the biggest impediment to men writing women is that men think there’s going to be an impediment. My wife once told me that feminism to her is ‘the belief that women are people.’ And that’s all that really needs to go into writing a female character: you write her as a person.”

Readers can get their hands on Fangoria Presents Our Lady of the Inferno this September. Click here to pre-order your copy.

Maddi McGillvray
Maddi is the Editorial Assistant at Rue Morgue Magazine. She is also a PhD student in Cinema and Media Studies at York University, where she writes extensively on the horror genre. Maddi is completing her doctoral dissertation on women working in horror. She is also currently writing book chapters titled "Fleshy Female Corporealities: The Cannibal Films of the New French Extremity" as well as "To Grandmother’s House We Go: Documenting the Aging Female Body in Found Footage Horror Films."