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Fall in love with these handmade horror plushies from Buttercruds

Sunday, April 21, 2019 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

Who hasn’t ever wanted a plushie version of the horror genre’s most iconic characters? Turns out Mikey Sarago (better known as Buttercruds) of New York has turned the idea into a reality. Sarago’s line of handmade horror dolls and plushies run the gammut of who’s who in horror movie fandom, from Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Sleepaway Camp (a plushie that has to be seen to be believed), along with others.

Sarago’s love of horror began with life-altering trips to the video store, which yielded multiple viewings of The Exorcist and a desire to create his own art niche. His decade long hobby for doll making happened by accident; after finding a rip in one of his favourite t-shirts, Sarago decided to use the fabric to create a spooky little doll. His passion for the horror genre was the match that sparked a business in handmade dolls, hence was founded.


All the dolls at Buttercruds are made-to-order and take about two to four weeks to complete and ship. Size options for the dolls are available, with full-sized dolls measuring 15 inches tall, while the ‘baby’ varieties stand approximately 9 inches. All dolls consist of felt, fleece, with embroiled faces and yarn for hair (if the characters require hair, that is). Prices range from $30-$65 USD (plus shipping).

So do yourself some dolls at the Buttercruds store, or on Mikey Sarago’s personal Instagram account!

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