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Expand your playlist and keep your horror vibes going all year long

Monday, November 11, 2019 | Music


With spooky season behind us, it is highly recommended that you have your films curated, your books lined up and a playlist to keep the aesthetic (and season) in constant reverie. Trust me, there are more LPs out there deserving of your love and hearing ‘Bela Legosi’s Dead’ 25 times and over won’t necessarily bring him back to life! So I am here to give you my top 3 LPs to keep the spooky party rolling, true goth style.** As a bonus to these quick recommendations, I have included a special Youtube Playlist of my videos by these artists! Visuals + the song!? You are welcome.

SHE PAST AWAY – “Disko Anksiyete” (2019)

SHE PAST AWAY (pictured above), the Turkish post-punk goth duo (formerly trio) first caught my ear buds off guard with their beautifully washed out music video Assimalyon from their second LP “Narin Yalnızlık” (2015). Their new LP, “Disko Anksiyete” is heavy with disco influence (which is an amazing nod to the roots of rhythmic post-punk and new wave), however they still achieve all of the gloomy twists and turns of each and every note. Pairs well with a great horror noir film for visuals like HAXAN or NOSFERATU. 

THE SOFT MOON – “Deeper” (2015) or “Zeros” (2012)

THE SOFT MOON is an American post-punk band from Oakland, CA and is fronted by Luis Vasquez, the mastermind of the project. I first came across THE SOFT MOON from mutual friends but became obsessed once I saw the music video for Far//Wasting. Vasquez definitely reveals his love for horror with the ominous scores he produces, most of which are testaments to his struggle with drugs and society as a whole. If John Carpenter, Michael Jackson and Trent Reznor melded together – you would get the sounds of THE SOFT MOON. Trust me on this! Pairs well with campy 80’s feature such as BRAIN DAMAGE or TERROGRAM.’

SOFT KILL – “An Open Door” (2015)

SOFT KILL is a self described doom pop band from Portland, OR and I am deeply in love with their sound. With thunderous synth and bass heavy sadness, this LP in particular is one that is on heavy rotation for me. While it is not their best, the moody lyrics and cloudy vocals will make anyone wish for a perfect gloomy day to bounce around their dungeon to. Pairs well with modern satanic favorites such as STARRY EYES or THE WITCH.

** As a purveyor of people of color within sub alternative genres (Audre’s Revenge Film), half of these artist will most likely be people of color! We have always existed within these worlds and it is important to have our spookiness out in the world. Make your playlist diverse and maybe even your *mind*.

Mariam RM