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Exclusive promo video and images: New “TALES OF BLOOD ISLAND” merch, magazine, etc. from Brian Yuzna et al.

Friday, September 22, 2023 | Exclusives, News


Spinoffs of the cult creature feature/zombie films continue with a tabletop game, barware and more.

The team behind the BRIAN YUZNA PRESENTS TALES OF BLOOD ISLAND comics (which we last reported on here) are expanding their product line based on the Hemisphere Pictures Filipino fright films, including BEAST OF BLOOD (pictured above). Veteran director/producer Brian Yuzna (RE-ANIMATOR, BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR), Independent-International Pictures’ Sam Sherman and Dave Sehring of Drive-In-Sanity Films are launching a Kickstarter campaign for the new merch September 29, and gave RUE MORGUE the first look at a promotional video (see it below) and images of some of the new product.

Chief among them is a TALES OF BLOOD ISLAND tabletop game, inspired by those produced by Hasbro, Aurora and Marx in the 1960s. According to the PR, “The goal of this retro, chase-style game is for each player to escape Blood Island while avoiding the Beast of Blood’s body parts! Re-connecting the Beast of Blood’s ‘pop-top’ head to its dismembered hand, foot or headless body is part of the the grisly fun of the BLOOD ISLAND game. Best of all, players get to move as one of the heroes as well as the Beast of Blood during a two-part turn. For added fun, one side of the spinner can be used for ‘The Green Blood Drinking Game’ for ages 21 and up. Players can also collect valuable talisman tokens that are worth positive or negative points. BUT…BEWARE OF THE SHRUNKEN HEADS!”

In addition to the TALES comic, the BRIDES OF BLOOD ISLAND SPICY! JUNGLE ADVENTURES is on the way, featuring “illustrations of beautiful and powerful women battling for survival against myriad monsters on Isla De Sangre (Blood Island). Includes short stories by Mark Cerulli and Sehring, plus photos and illustrations by artists like Mike Hoffman, Nik Poliwko, Anthony Palumbo, Ron Randall, Stephen Sistilli, Dexter Weeks and more.”

There’s also Blood Island barware, including a two-piece Beast of Blood stacker mug, a 4-inch glow-in-the-dark Shooter glass and a 7-inch glow-in-the-dark Zombie glass, the latter of which changes color when a cold beverage is poured into it; a Beast of Blood Beachware Collection consisting of a cabana shirt, a black T-shirt and a 30×60-inch beach towel; and plans afoot for a new BLOOD ISLAND movie directed by Yuzna. Hit up that Kickstarter campaign on the 29th for further info!

Michael Gingold
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