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Exclusive Preview: GWAR: IN THE DUOVERSE OF ABSURDITY Graphic Novel Out Now!

Saturday, January 21, 2023 | Comics, Music, News


Those hard-rocking Scumdogs of the Universe, GWAR, are back in an all-new graphic novel that’s so intense, it even makes them puke! In GWAR: IN THE DUOVERSE OF ABSURDITY, fresh off the presses from Z2 Comics, Blóthar, BälSäc, Beefcake, JiZMak da Gusha and Pustulus Maximus must face off against even more depraved, more evil and more disgusting versions of themselves from an alternate universe to save mankind.

GWAR: IN THE DUOVERSE OF ABSURDITY is available now from Z2 Comics in a variety of editions from a bare-bones softcover to an extremely limited (as in there’s only one) $5999.99 special Berserker Edition oversized hardback, hand-signed by GWAR, with more extras and bonuses thank you can shake a cuttlefish at.

Check out the gallery below for some exclusive pages from this harrowing epic of blood, bile and fire from the mighty GWAR!

Go to Z2 Comics to get your copy now!

William J. Wright
William J. Wright is RUE MORGUE's online managing editor. A two-time Rondo Classic Horror Award nominee and an active member of the Horror Writers Association, William is lifelong lover of the weird and macabre. His work has appeared in many popular (and a few unpopular) publications dedicated to horror and cult film. William earned a bachelor of arts degree from East Tennessee State University in 1998, majoring in English with a minor in Film Studies. He helped establish ETSU's Film Studies minor with professor and film scholar Mary Hurd and was the program's first graduate. He currently lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, with his wife, three sons and a recalcitrant cat.