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Exclusive photos & comments, plus poster & premiere news: Caroline Williams is back on the air in “TEN MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT”

Thursday, July 30, 2020 | Exclusive, News


The actress who played DJ Stretch in THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 returns in a chiller that world-premieres next month.

Caroline Williams once again gets into a radio booth to star in TEN MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT, directed by Erik Bloomquist from a script he wrote with Carson Bloomquist. In the film, according to the official synopsis, “a bite from a rabid bat turns a punk rock DJ [Williams] into a bloodsucking vampire as she prepares to perform her last broadcast during a raging storm.” The cast also includes Nicole Kang (BATWOMAN), the late Nicholas Tucci (YOU’RE NEXT), William Youmans and Adam Weppler, and the movie has its debut showing Friday, August 14 as part of the last installment of the Popcorn Frights Drive-In Horrorshow. “The energy and commitment that Caroline brought to our movie cannot be overstated,” Erik Bloomquist tells RUE MORGUE. “Her performance is infused with enormous pathos and an irreducibly complex understanding of the genre. It was a gift to run, scream, cry, and crawl around on the floor with her every night.”

Williams herself tells us, “My return to the DJ booth is only one of many meta moments in this beautifully written, directed and photographed film. I give great gratitude to the Mainframe team and Popcorn Frights for launching us. I haven’t been this excited about a movie release since 1986!”

TEN MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT’s co-feature at the Drive-In Horrorshow is the Southeast U.S. premiere of Jay Baruchel’s RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE (reviewed here), and two short films will also world-premiere: Mathew and Nathaniel Barber’s NO ONE IS COMING and Zach Wincik and Danny Salemme’s COTTONMOUTH, the latter starring Heather Langenkamp. For more info on the Drive-In Horrorshow, which takes place at pop-up drive-in theaters in South Florida, click here.

Michael Gingold
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