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Exclusive news, comments, poster: Dread Central Presents grabs extreme-haunt shocker “EXTREMITY”

Thursday, February 15, 2018 | Uncategorized


The new brand of immersive horrific attraction is taken to the next level in EXTREMITY, the latest from Anthony DiBlasi, director of the Clive Barker film DREAD. We got the scoop on its forthcoming distribution, plus an exclusive first look at the poster and words from the filmmakers.

EXTREMITY will be released later this year as part of Epic Pictures’ Dread Central Presents line, with select theatrical bookings to be followed by VOD and Blu-ray exposure. David Bond produced the movie with Corinne Ferguson and scripted it based on concepts by Scott Swan, and the cast is headed by Dana Christina, Chad Rook, Playboy and Sports Illustrated cover model Ashley Smith in her first feature, J. LaRose (from the INSIDIOUS and SAW franchises), Ami Tomite (MEATBALL MACHINE KODOKU) and cult gore filmmaker Yoshihiro Nishimura (TOKYO GORE POLICE, HELLDRIVER), who also created the makeup effects. Simon Sayce, who constructed the HELLRAISER puzzlebox and Decker’s mask for NIGHTBREED, crafted EXTREMITY’s horrific masks.

The official synopsis describes EXTREMITY as “a psychological journey, stylized and surreal, based on the latest craze captivating horror junky audiences…extreme haunts. Allison [Christina] is an emotionally troubled young woman in her 20s who believes that confronting her trauma might be a means of exorcising her demons. She signs up for a trip to Perdition, in which the only certainty is the promised experience of absolute, unadulterated terror. But the most purely frightening thing on display will prove to be Allison’s own twisted psyche…”

“Up until now,” DCP director of distribution Rob Galluzzo tells RUE MORGUE, “we had yet to see a genre movie that perfectly captures the world of extreme haunts, but EXTREMITY does just that and delivers something fun and unique, and perfect for the Dread Central Presents label. I’ve been a huge fan of Anthony DiBlasi’s work since his directorial debut with DREAD, and through to his features such as CASSADAGA, MOST LIKELY TO DIE and THE LAST SHIFT. He’s a vastly underrated genre filmmaker, and I’m so, so thrilled we’ll get to bring his latest feature to the world!”

DiBlasi himself is excited to be part of DCP’s growing lineup of eclectic and uncompromised genre fare. “Rob and the Epic team’s approach to the Dread Central Presents label is out-of-the-box and exciting, and EXTREMITY is a perfect match for them. The name of the film was earned through a rite of passage; the environmental conditions in which we shot it were challenging and at most times grueling for our actors and crew, but every day they met those conditions with a staggering commitment. Because of that, we ended up with a film that is emotionally disturbing but also beautifully shot.”

Beyond its horrific appeal, Ferguson believes EXTREMITY has meaning on another level: “It is a kick-ass female-centric story with social subtext that’s relevant to today, about the trials and traumas that many women experience at the hands of people in power, and how that can haunt them for the rest of their lives. I am passionate about advancing women and minorities in the industry, both in front of and behind the camera, and this film delivered on all fronts. Over 35 percent of our crew was made up of these underrepresented groups.”

EXTREMITY is the first of many planned horror features from Ferguson and Bond’s Dark Elegy Films, and the latter says, “As the writer and producer, I wanted to explore Scott Swan’s vision, with a true and unflinching look at the lives of staff members and guests of extreme haunts. As these attractions push the boundaries into darker territory, they operate without any real oversight, and it’s only a matter of time before something truly tragic happens. EXTREMITY should be held up as a cautionary tale, and I’m truly proud of every member of the cast and crew who helped realize it.”

Michael Gingold
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