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Exclusive: New “TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE” coming to vinyl

Friday, October 26, 2018 | Exclusive, News


Since 2010, Glass Eye Pix topper Larry Fessenden and filmmaker Glenn McQuaid (I SELL THE DEAD) have spearheaded the TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE horror audio-drama series, and now the duo have penned two new tales for a limited-run vinyl release.

Today, Holy Mountain Printing has put a 7-inch read-along TALES vinyl release up for sale. The record includes a pair of fantastical poems, McQuaid’s “The Town That Isn’t There” and Fessenden’s “Simon is Hiding,” both read by Fessenden and accompanied by the duo’s sound design. Also included is a multi-spread read-along booklet illustrated by Sam Heimer; the product was produced by Holy Mountain’s Danny Trudell. The initial run will be 500 discs, 350 of them pressed in orange and 150 in half-orange/half-black. You can order the record here; it will also be available in select stores November 23 via distributor Closed Casket Activities.

“Having worked with Danny from Holy Mountain on my Witchboard project,” McQuaid says, “it was great to collaborate with him again on this very special TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE record. Fessenden and myself had a lot of fun coming up with the poetry, music and various sounds; most of the foley came from a particularly inspired session in Larry’s bike shed. ‘The Town That’s Not There’ is an homage to the art of the audio-drama and is pretty much inspired by THRILLER, my first record; ‘Simon is Hiding’ is a dreamier contemplation on the lack of a certain magic in our modern world. I think they make for a great pair.”

“This was such a great project,” Fessenden adds. “Of course, we made the stories suitable for children but in the end, maybe they weren’t: I can’t resist a political lament in everything I do and Glenn’s twisted mind got the best of him [laughs]. Kiddies, beware. The format really takes me back to being a kid listening to records and poring over the album art.”

Trudell says, “As a longtime fan of Glenn and Larry’s magnificent TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE series, it is an honor to be helping add another chapter and a new spin on their audio horror! The idea to do a children’s read-along record was always immediately tied in my head to Sam Heimer’s wonderfully spooky illustrations. Pairing Sam’s art with Glenn and Larry’s tales is a match made in heaven.”

The TALES duo and Holy Mountain have more vinyl collaborations to come, derived from the series’ back catalog; we’ll bring you the details as they arise. For more on TALES, hit up its official website.

Michael Gingold
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