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Exclusive New Character Releases From Pickman’s Vinyls (First Look)

Sunday, September 29, 2019 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

Price: $16 USD + shipping

Pickman’s Vinyls (Joshua Allen Hibbard a.k.a. "Professor Pickman" and Mike Alvarez) continues their line of John Carpenter-themed vinyl toys! September saw the release of "Splitface," the final build-a-Thing piece #3 (all three pieces are needed to complete the “Norris build-a-Thing” figure). This individual figure is available now (while supplies last).

For October, look for Gary the station commander (played in the film by Donald Moffat) to be released on October 4th. 

Blair Build-a-Thing

November's figure will be none other than Nauls (played by T.K Carter), the roller-skating cook who is also the only character to not explicitly have his fate shown on screen. Look for the Nauls on the webstore effective November 8th.

The final Thing character release for 2019 will be Mac 2.0 (aka "Fuck You Too, Mac"). This newfangled version of MacReady will be released just in time for the holidays on December 6th. Each one of these new character releases will include a piece of the collectible new "Blair Build-a-Thing" character.

Not Final Product (Sculpt only)

More exclusive news from Pickman's: three new cult classic films will be getting the vinyl figure treatment! First up is a figure from Legend, a fantasy film that starred a young Tom Cruise but is better remembered for Tim's Curry's iconic portrayal of the devilish "Darkness." Hibbard has created a very exciting homage to this character that is a little taller (2.5 inches tall) than most of his other vinyl creations. This will be released before the end of 2019.

Another upcoming lines of figures come from a classic horror film with more bite than bark: Critters is fondly remembered for the vicious, furry, extraterrestrials known as "Crites". Pickman's Vinyls has created a mini army of Crites that will be sold in sets of 6 for $12 or 12 for $20 USD (plus shipping). There's a very good chance that a Crite Ball may be in the works;p be sure to check back for more details on that!

Price: $16 USD + shipping (price subject to change)

Last on my list of upcoming releases from Pickman's comes hot on the heels of the newly released Netflix Series, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. Check out the Hibbard's master sculpt on this Chamberlain (Skeksis) character. No word on when this will hit the web store, but fans will definitely want to take note, as this one will sell very fast.

Thanks for check out all these viciously delightful vinyl pieces from Pickman's Vinyls - be sure to follow them on social media for announcements so you can add them to your holiday wishlist early. 

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