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Exclusive Music Preview: Harmonic Cross debuts “THE GRAND PARADISE” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Thursday, October 27, 2022 | Music, News


Macabre masters of dark ambient soundscapes Harmonic Cross, the Richmond, Virginia-based artist collective that also performs as the hardcore punk outfit Bleach Everything and the indie rock band Highness, has ended its seven-year recording hiatus with the release of THE GRAND PARADISE Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Released through Dark Operative, which has also digitally reissued Harmonic Cross’ 2015 debut concept album about the real-life unsolved mystery of “The Somerton Man,” It is Finished, THE GRAND PARADISE Original Motion Picture Soundtrack serves as the atmospheric musical accompaniment to the upcoming movie from Lil’ Baker Films, scheduled for a 2023 release.

The album reunites Harmonic Cross’ core members of Brent Eyestone, Graham Scala and Ryan Parrish and marks the first formal recording to feature their Bleach Everything bandmate Kelly Posadas. Eyestone recorded, mixed, and sound designed the album at Tracking in San Diego in the summer of 2021, with mastering duties handled by Bryan Walthall at Stereoimage.

Although Harmonic Cross wishes to keep spoilers about THE GRAND PARADISE to a minimum, the band has revealed that the soundtrack’s moody, sprawling compositions follow the protagonist’s “journey through a traditional three-act structure of prophecy, madness and triumph across a visual palette of liminal subscapes. The purpose of releasing the album in advance of the film is to allow for early listeners to ‘see’ their own narratives before presenting the band and filmmaker’s own visual representation of what’s ‘happening’ within the songs.”

Diehard fans of horror and the Halloween season, the decision to release THE GRAND PARADISE Original Motion Picture Soundtrack in October seemed an obvious move for the band.

Band photo by Veronika Reinert.

“The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve realized the importance of always participating somehow in the wholly unique spiritual energy surrounding Halloween and the fall season,” says Eyestone. “We feel it first as kids, as going trick or treating is often the first time that any of us get to go do something alone with our friends, devoid of any parents or authority looming over the activity itself. It grows in its power and wide-eyed enthusiasm toward ‘being alive’ as we do, be it concocting elaborate pranks as pre-teens or driving to haunts, themed concerts, and converted amusement parks, again with friends, once we get our licenses. If one isn’t very careful, adult life creeps in and dulls the connection to ‘something in the air.’ We can perceive it as ‘harder’ or being ‘too old’ to participate in the inherent creative freedom and overall creative mosaic that makes each passing Halloween season more fun than the one before.”

“Making a creepy, haunting record is but one way to stay in touch with the spirit of the season,” Eyestone continues. “If we were 6 years old right now, Ryan, Kelly, Graham and myself would be looking at Google Maps on a tablet to figure out what neighborhoods we’re going to hit on our candy-collecting route. If we were 16, we’d be in search of the weirdest show happening in the most underground, off-the-radar DIY space we could realistically drive to. If we were 26, we’d certainly be playing our own Halloween show, definitely in costume. This year, we chose to make another record as our ‘group of friends’ activity toward adding to the spirit and activity of the season. Individually, we’ll still be connected as well. Ryan will be playing a show in front of costumed freaks in a city far from home, Graham and Kelly will be helping kids learn the ropes on how to get the most out of the big day and I’ll be making my way through the fog and the walking dead haunting Knott’s Scary Farm. Happy Halloween.”

THE GRAND PARADISE Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be released through Dark Operative on all digital platforms this Friday, October 28th, with a CD to follow shortly. A vinyl edition may follow in 2023 in conjunction with the film’s release. Find the digital preorders at Bandcamp HERE and watch for updates on the physical product. Click here to listen to the album now!

William J. Wright
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