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Exclusive look at “Don’t Have Feelings, Don’t Make a Scene: The Art of Skinner”

Thursday, November 29, 2018 | Review

Oakland, California based artist Skinner’s work can best be described as heavy metal mushroom masterpieces exploding in a controlled chaos of imagery that runs the gambit from the bizarre to the extraordinary. No surprise to see that his art has made it to film, animation, music videos, and books. His work on last year’s Necronomicon pop-up book, was an out of this world visionary exploration that tackled the lore of H.P Lovecraft into a must-have book for horror art fans everywhere. 

Now Skinner has returned with a hardcover book with over 200 pages of psychedelic monster madness entitled, DON’T HAVE FEELINGS, DON’T MAKE A SCENE: THE ART OF SKINNER. In this new work, published by Last Gasp, Skinner takes us on an adventure throughout his life, his travels, shows and friends that have dotted his strange career. The book expands upon the ever evolving and unorthodox journey of his life, using stunning visuals to tell the story of the last six years or so of his career.

Skinner not only opens up his world to art with you, but also opens up to you on the changes in his life and health. Inside you will find how sleep apnea and mild Tourette’s affects his life and what he does to combat these hurdles. “We don’t always know that it is our job to take care of ourselves, or that we are even entitled to it, but you are,” he says – helpful words from an artist who knows from experience. 

Join Skinner as he brings together his love of artist Jack Kirby, the speeches of Robert Anton Wilson and the unconventional spirituality of Terrence McKenna. This eccentric comic book examination of culture culminated the gallery show titled “Seduction of the Innocent” at the Vinyl On Vinyl gallery in the Philippines.

Additionally, Skinner lets us in to his working relationship with the heavy metal band Mastodon – from album covers and t-shirt designs to videos. View countless different tour posters as the visuals intoxicate your mind and rot your soul. But there is also more personal material here, as when Skinner immortalizes his friend’s dog Floyd who passed away by painting him wearing a studded leather cuffs and welding a spiked skull-headed mace.

Journey through the countless Kaiju soft vinyl custom creatures that he’s created and painted. See his collaborations with Unbox Industries (and other artists) on multiple toys and jewelry which can be categorized as mystic monsters. These colourful creations with a multitude of detail show off a style and attitude that can’t be matched. 

Featuring black and white and colour illustrations of  wizards, monsters and the unnamable, this is one infectious book that you won’t soon forget. Look for DON’T HAVE FEELINGS, DON’T MAKE A SCENE: THE ART OF SKINNER to be released December 1 at local bookstores, and even order directly through Skinner himself (have the book signed and maybe even score a free print). Follow along with Skinner’s everyday artistic life on his social Medias.

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