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Exclusive comments, music track: “THE BARN PART II” wants you!

Monday, November 12, 2018 | Exclusive, Indie Films, News


Indie filmmaker Justin M. Seaman is in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign for the sequel to his popular fright flick THE BARN. He gave us some exclusive words on the project, plus the first listen to the movie’s main title theme.

In THE BARN, a group of teenagers accidentally awaken a trio of evil creatures dwelling within the titular structure. That story was set on Devil’s Night—the night before Halloween—in 1989, and THE BARN PART II takes the surviving characters (including Linnea Quigley’s Ms. Barnhart and Ari Lehman’s Dr. Rock) into the ’90s. “There are many questions that went unanswered in part one,” Seaman tells RUE MORGUE. “What happens to Sam and Josh and Michelle, does Ms. Barnhart stay true to her word to ban Halloween in Helen’s Valley and what was up with The Boogeyman’s helmet having the name ‘Daniels’ written on it—ya know, our hero Sam’s last name? Well, to be honest, the original film was written to set up a story arc in the event of a sequel and keep an authentic flow. So I’m excited to have the chance to bring back characters and lore that we spent time in the previous film introducing to the audience, and that I’m now able to jump straight into the action and madness.”

Seaman is keeping THE BARN PART II’s storyline under wraps, but says, “Obviously, if we’re going to make a sequel, that means it’s got to be bigger, it’s got to be better, and that means more money. We want to upgrade the monsters, double the body count, double the gore and introduce new creatures.”

To raise that money, Seaman set up the Indiegogo campaign, where rewards include signed discs of the movie and its soundtrack (by returning composer Rocky Gray, whose “Return from Hell” main theme is previewed below), screen-used props, the opportunity to be killed on screen by Quigley or Lehman and more!

Michael Gingold
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