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Wednesday, March 6, 2019 | News

Written by Bryan Yentz

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Hidden deep within the mythic woodwork of America, Bigfoot has become an icon of folklore and an endless source of cryptozoological hypothesis and terrifying storytelling. The pantheon of Bigfoot movies is almost as dense as the creature’s legend, and now, writer/director Eric Red is entering the furry fray with NO MAN’S RIDGE. Having written 86’s harrowing THE HITCHER, co-wrote the best vampire flick (like, ever) NEAR DARK and committed his directorial abilities to the likes of BAD MOON, BODY PARTS and 100 FEET, Red is now setting his creative crosshairs on the brutal exploits of Sasquatch.

The story follows a group of heavily-armed, big-game trappers who embark into the wooded threshold of Wyoming, each with the hope of not only being the first to discover the bipedal brute—but lay claim to its trophied carcass. Utilizing various filming formats, NO MAN’S RIDGE is set to be a grisly hybridization of horror, gun-totin’ action and POV found-footage that will be shot on-location in the beautifully varied (but atmospherically threatening) countryside of Jackson Hole, WY.

While physical production is slated further into the year, the film has already cast writer/director/actor John Fallon (THE SHELTER, DEAD SHADOWS, AMERICAN MUSCLE), Marc Natoli (THE PROPOSAL) and Nick Principe as the titular beast (fitting considering his work as a horror heavy on the indie circuit with movies like LAID TO REST 1 & 2, COLLAR and SEED 2). Along for the pursuit is practical FX legend Robert Kurtzman (EVIL DEAD 2, ARMY OF DARKNESS, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN—just to name a few off his prolific resume) who will ensure the effects are every bit as gruesomely clever as they are realistic. I mean, you can’t have a Bigfoot flick without a few rips, tears and bites—right?

An early look at the film’s Bigfoot design by Robert Kurtzman.

Red has stated that NO MAN’S RIDGE has one clear objective: to make bigfoot scary again. Judging from the talent already involved, the fearsome design of the toothy colossus and the focus on blunt-force ferocity, it’s clear he’s on the path to do just that. For updates on ol’ Big’s progress, you can visit, Bruise Productions (Fallon’s company which will be producing), or join the hunt on Facebook, Twitter ( and Instagram (@nomansridge).

Bryan Yentz
Is a cinematic fanatic, writer and artist with a soft-spot for all things horror.