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Downright Creepy Launches Short Film Collection “Midnight Snack”

Friday, November 11, 2022 | Short Films

Downright Creepy, in partnership with their Panic Fest filmmakers, is bringing you some of their favorite short films from the last few years.

Midnight Snack is a collection of weird and creepy videos featuring up-and-coming genre filmmakers, from horror to sci-fi and the strange and unusual. Tim KC Canton (Co-Founder of Panic Fest / Downright Creepy Editor-In-Chief) has programmed over 20 shorts for the first wave of films as part of the collection. 

“Over the last 10 years I have been able to curate some of the best shorts on the festival circuit for Panic Fest. I couldn’t be happier to finally be able to share a few of them with other genre fans and shine a light on these filmmakers. From killer mimes, corporate takeovers and a prison break this is our Halloween treat to you. Grab your candy and have a Midnight Snack with us!” said Canton.  

Over the next few weeks, Downright Creepy will be releasing a new short film every two weeks – kicking off on Halloween weekend with a 3-pack of films. 

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Grace Detwiler
Rue Morgue's Online Assistant Editor - Grace Detwiler (@finalgirlgrace) is a freelance film journalist and law student. Her original work can be found on her blog, FinalGirlGrace, as well as in Rue Morgue's print and online publications.