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Dive Into The Colorful, Creature-filled World of Wonder Goblin

Sunday, August 8, 2021 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday


James Sizemore, the vinyl virtuoso behind Wonder Goblin, creates Japanese-style collectibles in the form of Keshi and Sofubi. Though also a master at mask-making, sculpting, and painting, for Sizemore, toys are what keep the nasty nightmares at bay.

Sizemore designs and sculpts the prototypes by hand before they’re sent to Sofubi artisans in Japan, who then create metal molds. The artisans cast the figures in soft vinyl and ship the pieces back so that James can complete his monsters making by assembling and painting them. One of his most popular collectibles is Bud Nugget (a miniature version of his jumbo Keshi). The Bud Nugget figures are based on the character from the short film Budfoot. To sum up Budfoot: his mission in life is coercing people into getting high and shedding their meat suits through psychedelic suicide. Bud Nugget is basically a smaller version of this “high” ranking monster that sells for $25 USD.

Sizemore also offers what he calls “Pocket Pals.” This line features Keshi or miniature rubber figures which are small enough to keep in pockets for whenever you need to release them upon your foes. On display here are Hagopuss, and a couple of Lucky Devils (demented waving demons in the vein of lucky cats). These figures are available in marbled and solid colours and are priced at $11 and $7 USD, respectively.

James Sizemore’s creatures are sure to be the talk of any collector’s gathering. To grab your own miniature monsters and explore the colorful world of Wonder Goblin, visit the official website!




Chris Hammond
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