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“DEATHGASM II: GOREMAGEDDON” is coming, releases a poster and seeks fan support

Friday, September 22, 2023 | News


Get ready for more heavy metal up your butthole!

Kiwi director Jason Lei Howden is preparing to unleash DEATHGASM II: GOREMAGEDDON, the sequel to his head-banging horror film from 2015 (pictured), a teaser poster by artist Matt Ryan Tobin has been unveiled (see it below) and a Kickstarter campaign will be launched on Monday, September 25. The film will once again be made in New Zealand, with Nick Garrett of Fish.Ent and Grant Bradley of Aristos Films producing; BJ McDonnell, director of STUDIO 666 and HATCHET III, serves as executive producer. Genre specialist Raven Banner is handling worldwide sales and the production of the physical goods for the Kickstarter campaign. “We’ve been blown away by the enthusiasm and love people have shown for DEATHGASM,” Howden says. “For years I’ve been asked if a sequel was in the works, and I can honestly say that fans can expect an even more intense, hilarious, and fucked-up experience with DEATHGASM II: GOREMAGEDDON.”

Adds McDonnell, “The sequel promises to not only satisfy the cravings of die-hard fans of the original film, like myself, but it will also rip out the hearts of a new wave of viewers. You can also anticipate a soundtrack that will rock harder than ever, a hallmark of the DEATHGASM franchise.”

The synopsis: “After thwarting a demon apocalypse (which he helped to create), Brodie is mourning the death of his best friend–the charmingly psychopathic Zakk. Unemployed and without ambition, his girlfriend Medina breaks up with him, sending him further into despair. Determined to get Medina back and find some self-worth, Brodie decides to reform his heavy metal band DEATHGASM in order to win the upcoming ‘Metal Quest,’ a battle of the bands which will be attended by record company executives. But the auditions for new bandmates to replace the deceased Zakk and Dion go badly. To make matters worse, Medina has started dating the lead singer of a local Emo-Core band who are tipped to win.

“Brodie hesitantly decides to once again use black magic, and with the help of the now one-armed drummer Giles, they attempt to raise their dead band members from the grave. After a few terrifying failures they finally succeed. But Undead Zakk is unpredictable and reckless, and able to detach body parts at will. Brodie also struggles to keep Zakk and Dion focused as their hunger for eating the intestines of live humans grows. Crank your speakers up to 13!”

The Kickstarter, which will be found here beginning Monday, offers rewards ranging from limited-edition merch to actual film props and wardrobe to the chance to be a gore-soaked extra in the film. “We need to get our fans the batshit-insane film they deserve ASAP, and we won’t achieve that through the usual funding pathways,” Garrett notes. “This campaign is an opportunity for devotees to not only be a part of the DEATHGASM legacy but to also contribute to the creation of a film that promises to push the boundaries of horror-comedy.” You can follow DEATHGASM II’s progress on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Michael Gingold
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