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Darcy the Mail Girl and more join female-led killer opus “THE SLASHER NURSE”

Friday, March 31, 2023 | News


It’s a reboot of the 2018 no-budget CURSE OF THE SLASHER NURSE with more funds and a reimagined antiheroine.

Slasher 15 Productions has announced that Diana Prince, a.k.a. Darcy the Mail Girl from THE LAST DRIVE-IN WITH JOE BOB BRIGGS, and Brian Bremer (“Pino” in SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 5) have been cast in THE SLASHER NURSE, joining THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD’s Beverly Randolph and DAWN OF THE DEAD helicopter zombie Jim Krut. Filmmaker Dave Kerr has reconceived CURSE for the new movie, with certain key elements remaining but changes to the plot and characters, plus a new look and original story for its title villain. The synopsis: “After a cruel prank goes wrong, one person is left dead and another is left traumatized and institutionalized. Ten years later, a group of friends travel to a cabin in the woods for a weekend of partying, unaware that a deranged psychiatric patient has escaped and is hell bent on revenge. Dawning a nurse’s outfit and a mask from her past, the Slasher Nurse won’t stop until everyone’s dead.”

“The original film was something that we’d been wanting to remake for a while,” Kerr says. “We created the Slasher Nurse because there just weren’t any bad-ass female slashers out there like Michael or Jason or Leatherface. There are plenty of female villains, but not when it comes to a masked killer with the lore behind them like the other male slashers that everyone loves so much.”

The Indiegogo campaign for THE SLASHER NURSE has already far exceeded its goal and is currently in indemand. You can see that page, with more info on the project and its creators, here, and check out the pitch video below.

Michael Gingold
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