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Cut Short Interview with Zena Dixon, Director of “SHE”

Monday, January 14, 2019 | Short Films

In the short film SHE (streaming on Vimeo or watch below), director Zena Dixon proves that a little homicide can add some spice to any Friday night out at the bar.  It’s the type of twisted humor that those who know her horror blogging have have come to expect.  At Real Queen of Horror Dixon publishes news, reviews, and original content while over at Dread Central she writes the Period Blood column, which unsurprisingly comes once a month.  Through all of her work, Dixon brings a sense of macabre glee that never fails to shine through, so I’m excited to feature her in this month’s interview.
What sparked the idea for SHE? 
One night, my phone kept chiming. Then, the idea sparked. 
Viewers will probably recognize a lot of familiar faces from women in the horror writing community. How did you picture their involvement when you were making the movie? 
I love these horror ladies! I’ll include more for the full feature. 
Do you like creating original content more than writing about horror? 
Depends on the mood. A story is always in my mind, but I equally adore sharing others’ works! 
You seem to specialize in making very short films (2-5 minutes). What’s the motivation for keeping your films that concise? 
I’m testing my style. Viewers will either want more or rejoice that it’s short! 
What made you get into film making? 
From a young age, I created films with my siblings. 
Who (or what) is your biggest influence in film. 
My mom. She instilled my love for horror. 
What’s your favorite movie.  
NIGHT OF THE DEMONS with the cartoon opening, 80s music and iconic outfits. 
What are some overlooked films that you think more people should see?
What scares you the most? 
Psychological horrors 
What scares other people that doesn’t scare you? 
Gory scenes. I watch them like a champ! 
Zena is already working on her next short film, so keep up with her at her website or follow her on Twitter (@lovelyzena), Instagram (@mrszenasade), and Facebook.  She’s also got some exciting articles this year with Dread Central so be sure to visit her author page.
The director may have some other stuff in the works as well, but she said she’d have to kill me if she told me and, after watching SHE, I’m inclined to believe her.

Bryan Christopher