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Cut Short Interview with Cassandra Sechler, Director of “LOVESICK”

Monday, April 8, 2019 | Short Films

The horror short Lovesick is eight minutes of nightmare fuel with bizarre imagery and grotesque monsters.  To find out more about the delightfully weird mind that came up with it, I reached out to writer/director Cassandra Sechler, an artist based in San Francisco who runs Dreams for Dead Cats Productions, LLC alongside her film partner Craig Jacobson. They specialize in high concepts on a low budget, and she took some time to talk a bit (as always, in 100 words or less) about how she gets from concept to film.

Lovesick forgoes narrative and seems to be taking a more abstract approach to instill a disturbing feeling. Is this the idea or is there narrative layered in?
The narrative is abstract & more subliminal—a dark surreal journey into human sexuality, remorse, and self-hatred.

What’s the inspiration for the imagery in your films?
My darkest nightmares.

How much structure do you have settled when you start filming. Is it all planned out or do you leave room to improvise?
My OCD really kicks in with film making. I plan everything, but I always leave room for play!

How do you get those gooey effects for movies like Lovesick?
Lots of liquid latex, toilet paper, paint, and slime!

What made you get into film making?
I borrowed a super 8 camera from a friend and fell in love with creating moving pictures!

Who (or what) is your biggest influence in film. Why?
Expressionism influences my work. Creating emotionally stimulating, critical, visceral, unique experiences for viewers is important to me.

What’s your favorite movie. Why?
Evil Dead 2—this movie has it ALL! ‘Nuff said.

What are some overlooked films that you think more people should see?
Split Second, Tapeheads, Night Dreams, Blastfighter, Threads.

What scares you the most?

What scares other people that doesn’t scare you?
Dying alone.

Coming up, Sechler has two new feature films she’s writing, directing, and producing.  White Phosphorus is a gritty sci-fi, cyber horror follow up to a previous feature, Elliot. She’s also working on a horror/fantasy anthology called Tearful Surrender.

If you’re interested in seeing more from Sechler, you can follow her on Twitter (@dreams4deadcats) .  You can also get more information about Dreams for Dead Cats on Twitter (@ddcp_sf), Instagram (@dreamsfordeadcats), Facebook ( and their official website:

You can order their short films collection, handmade skulls, screen-used props, and their feature film Elliot here:

Bryan Christopher